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  1. Updates???

    02-12-2011, 03:25 PM
    I am just curious, but many of the "issues" end with there will be further updates. Some say nothing, but more information coming soon.

    Whatever happened to those updates?

    I've seen the movie, then read this post in your forums, and went back and watched the movie again. However I must tell you that I still see biased on the side of Twin Galaxies on this issue. Also on the issue of Billy's restaurant I saw that 2 other people recorded the events on cameras.

    Why wasn't any of those videos ever acquired and put up on these forums? (Yes, I saw the email address link)

    Not to try and revitalize old news, but as a fan of old games, and someone who did enjoy the documentary I am curious about these things.

    Thanks in advance

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