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  1. - Patrick Scott Patterson

    02-23-2011, 08:51 AM
    Single Player - Points
    Perform It Mode

    Choose Song

    Easy Difficulty (unlocked default)

    May freely choose Dancer and Venue

    All score submissions on this title must be recorded via camcorder or witnessed live by a Twin Galaxies referee.

    For recorded submissions, the recording must clearly show the full game screen as well as the person playing the game in the shot. Recording must start prior to power up of the game console and full boot-up and loading of the console and game as per Twin Galaxies submission guidelines.

    Players must play standing and make a reasonable attempt at duplicating the dance moves of the on-screen dancer. Please include as much of the player as possible in the recording so that dance moves can be seen to a reasonable extent while still showing the game screen. The referee is at liberty to disqualify an attempt if the scoring appears to occur in spite of what appears on screen and/or the player does not make a reasonable attempt at the dance moves.

    Please zoom in on the score and read the score aloud at the end of the song.

    Single player only for recorded submissions.
    Patrick Scott Patterson

    Twitter - @OriginalPSP
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