[PSP PSN] Tetris

  1. [PSP PSN] Tetris

    02-26-2011, 03:37 PM
    We have games like Tetris Evolution and Tetris Party. Well the Playstation Network goes back to the old days with Tetris...that's it. It's just called Tetris. While this game has multiple variations where the goal is to get to 40 lines while enduring some nutty mechanic (geez I hate Flashlight Mode) right now we're only tracking the main game:

    Variation: NTSC/PAL - Main Game - Points
    Rules: NOTE: To get to the "Main Game" simply choose "Play" on the main menu.

    You may freely choose your starting level.

    After your attempt you must clearly show your final score either on the main field or at the bottom of the statistics page (it may be too hard to see on the main field as the playing field dims after the game is over, hence you might want to make sure to scroll to the bottom of the stats page just to make sure the ref catches the final score).
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