My thoughts on it all.

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  1. My thoughts on it all.

    07-12-2011, 06:39 PM
    I will first say that I don't believe everything the movie showed, I know there was some parts they added to 'Conjecture'.

    But the fact remains, his words where English and he described into great detail about the importance of playing live or its not for keeps. He gave plain examples, no-stuttering no editing tricks on his belief that only live demonstrations should be taken seriously.

    So that only left his three choices.
    Play Steve. (Win or Lose)
    Lose, concede and admit, 'Sorry I don't play much any more, gratz on your high score! I'm RICH ANYWAYS! HA-HA!'
    Win some other means. (Use his status and his reputation?)

    We know which he picked.

    I'm a video editor and I have something to say about the scene where the film makers show the video of Billy's tape showing some 'Editing' I've looked around and I don't know why no one else questioned it because its obviously edited by the film makers.

    At exactly those secenes, the static you see over the score on the left side of the screen: reached 100% white grain and 100% black grain. If your not sure what this means I will explain it.

    Your camera records with maximums, in this case we would watch for the blackest of black or whitest of white. Filming the sun with a camera still cannot get the whitest of white with 95% of cameras, it can only be achieved with editing and editing the video to show 100% white gain, you can't get whiter even if you had Vanilla Ice with ya.

    Now those white and black flashes that show the editing countless times reach 100% gain on both whites and blacks. So unless the screen was so bright it would have felt like the sun was pouring out of it and the camera was rare and high quality (especially at the date of filming!) then the whites should have never come close to 100% white gain and to have the 100% black grain is impossible when recording a video of a video. The light reflecting off the screen would prevent it from going anywhere near black grain. Even if the screen was off, even if you simply compare the blackest part of the screen to the black grain of the editing effect - both are very different colors.

    I don't believe Billy was upfront and I feel he was very childish in his actions and simply immature. The film did capture some of the truth and also had their own agenda, this I don't believe harmed the over all message of the film. I also have to add that no one outside this story can ever truly say they know the truth.

    I do have to say, when I began the show, when I heard about Twin Galaxies - I seen it as something I would have loved to have been apart of (if I wasn't born the same year it was founded). By the end of the film and after reading a lot more into this, I sadly can't say I feel the same.
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