Sega CD tracking Request

  1. Sega CD tracking Request

    08-08-2011, 03:11 PM
    Could you add the following to be tracked if possible:

    - Sega Classics Arcade Collection (5-in-1) - [NTSC]
    it has the following games:
    Columns, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Super Monaco GP, and The Revenge of Shinobi

    - The Adventures of Batman & Robin - [NTSC]
    - Batman Returns - [NTSC]
    - Fatal Fury Special - [NTSC]
    - Road Rash - [NTSC]
    - Mega Race - [NTSC]

  2. Re: Sega CD tracking Request

    03-27-2012, 12:20 PM
    I would also like to see these games tracked, so I'm giving this a bump : )

  3. Re: Sega CD tracking Request

    03-27-2012, 10:47 PM
    Seeing as the subject is raised - PAL versions are desirable for all games where such a release exists. Also:

    Blackhole Assault (I think this has a different name in the US)
    Jaguar XJ220

    ... and should someone find time (low on my list but I'd be happy to put up a score as a target to someone else good at the game - seems the only way to attract competition!):

    FIFA International Soccer
    Lots of 1sts to be surpassed: what are you waiting for? Play the game, submit the score...
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