Questions about the Twin Galaxies Card sets

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  1. Questions about the Twin Galaxies Card sets

    10-10-2011, 05:25 AM
    The website says that you don't need to be part of the festival, and can just give $25 plus $5 shipping, and you get 200 cards, and the set of cards. The site also says that all you need is 1 record verified by Twin Galaxies to do this. Well I am definitely up to doing this.

    Walter Day here presents what the cards will look like front and back.

    My question has to do with the back part of the card. He shows that the back has 4 different scores that are displayed. It also has a bio of the player. There are two different cards the players will be featured on. The Limosine(Top 100), and the Circus(Everyone else)
    First off, I am pretty sure he is showing the people for the Limosine set, so will the Circus people also have a bio with 4 different scores shown on the back of their cards?

    Now the reason I ask this is because I like many gamers here actually have more than 4 different scores to choose from. Heck I have more than 4 different records also to choose from. So if the circus set has 4 scores as well, I was wondering if people can choose the 4 different scores they want up there? And if they can, how do we notify you of doing this?

    As far as my 4 scores, here is probably what I would want up there.

    Donkey Kong 3 Arcade (Marathon) 3,538,000
    Donkey Kong 3 Arcade TGTS 857,200
    Donkey Kong Junior M.A.M.E. 1,161,100
    Galaxian (Atari 2600) 2,696,100
    Space Jockey (Atari 2600) 1,321,495 3rd highest score in the world.
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