Pie-Rats of the Caribbean:Fundraiser for Child's Play/IVGHOF

  1. Pie-Rats of the Caribbean:Fundraiser for Child's Play/IVGHOF

    10-27-2011, 07:47 AM
    Fundraiser Goal:
    The purpose is to raise money for one of two noble causes: Child’s Play or the International Video Game Hall of Fame.

    How It Works:
    We currently have 5 volunteers (really more than 5) who have put themselves up to be pied for charity. Each victi...volunteer has a special donation page (click on their name below to go to their donation page). People will bid money which will count towards them being pied. Each dollar donated equals a point towards them. Some days we will do a double point event or quadruple point day where each dollar counts for more points to the person.

    People can also donate double to remove points from a person. So let's say someone has $5 towards seeing them pied, you can pay $10 to have those points removed. The money still goes to where the volunteers specified.

    Donations will be accepted on line and at the event up till noon Saturday, Nov. 12.

    The top 3 people will be pied on Saturday at the Twin Galaxies Video Game Festival.

    So far, the volunteers to be a part of the fundraiser are as follows:

    • Isaiah TriForce Johnson- Money donated to see TriForce pied will go to the International Video Game Hall of Fame.[/*:m:15vjn4d6]
    • The Ottumwa Gaming Community/Ottumwa High School Students will be putting themselves up as a 5 or 6 fer. You bid on their group and they get in the top 3 places, all of them get pied for the cause. Money donated to see the OGS pied will be split 50/50 between Child’s Play and the International Video Game Hall of Fame.[/*:m:15vjn4d6]
    • Chad Brunsvold of MEG has stepped up to the plate as well, putting himself forward to be pied. Money donated to see Chad Brunsvold pied will be split 50/50 between Child’s Play and the International Video Game Hall of Fame.[/*:m:15vjn4d6]
    • Josh Houslander of Twin Galaxies Podcast[/*:m:15vjn4d6]
    • Ben Mullen, star of Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters[/*:m:15vjn4d6]

    In addition to the above part of the fundraisers, people will be able to bid on the pies to pie each person. Whoever has the highest bid gets to pie them. In the face. IN. THE. FACE. All money from the pie auctions will go to Child’s Play.

    Please note: If you bid to pie someone, you have to be nice about it. I don’t care if you hate their guts, no punching them with the pie. A nice SPLAT with the pie to the face and smearing it in is all that’s needed. If you think you can’t play nice, don’t play.

    How Can I Be Nominated To Be Pied?
    Send me a Private Message, message me on Facebook or leave a reply here. You have to be attending the event to be on the fundraiser list.

    How Can I Donate?
    Donations are set up through PayPal and are automatically specified who the donation's victim is if you click on the Paypal link on their individual page. You do not need a Paypal account to donate. You can use a credit card or debit card through their donation system without the account. You can also make cash donations at the event.

    Can We See Who's in the Lead?
    Yup! http://videogamecapitaloftheworld.com/e ... standings/

    You will also be able to see totals towards both charities once they reach $50 per charity on the main event page here: http://videogamecapitaloftheworld.com/e ... caribbean/

    You can also be kept up to date on the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pie-Rats ... 2965413872

    Questions, comments, leave them here.
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