A note on "Multicade", #-in-1 arcade boards, & Ultracade

  1. A note on "Multicade", #-in-1 arcade boards, & Ultracade

    02-02-2012, 03:33 PM
    Just a friendly reminder that all Twin Galaxies arcade submissions must be made on original equipment.

    The "Multicade" and #-in-1 arcade boards that are found all about the marketplace these days are not accepted. While neat to have multiple games in one cabinet and the such, these games are not built, made, programmed or sold with permission from the original copyright holders, do not play exactly right on many game titles, and have far too many revisions, variations, and hardware differences to track.

    Ultracade did get licenses for the games it contains (except for a handful of recent releases that were done without permission and prosecuted) but is nothing more than a PC running an emulation of these games and also not accepted.

    MAME cabinets also don't apply. We have a MAME category for those.

    I.E. - A Pac-Man (for example) submission would have to be made on an original Pac-Man arcade board from 1980, or in one of the Namco re-releases from the last decade (Class of 1981 or 25th Anniversary) which themselves are tracked on a different tracking list from the original game. Pac played on any other hardware, either an original era bootleg or a modern day bootleg multi-board or Ultracade, cannot be accepted. Same applies to Donkey Kong (not that again) or Galaga or any other title found on these multi-boards.

    This also applies to the #-in-1 NeoGeo carts that are popping up all over the place as well. Those are an absolute no-no for submissions. Even if there IS some cool hacks available on them.
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