What is the "correct" aspect ratio for Donkey Kong anyway??

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  1. What is the "correct" aspect ratio for Donkey Kong anyway??

    03-01-2012, 07:27 PM
    By default, when you play Donkey Kong in MAME, it renders the game in a 4:3 aspect.

    The native resolution, however, is 256x224 - which is an 8:7 aspect. (Snapshots taken by F12 come out in this size as well.)

    You can set MAME to play in 8:7, but it defaults to 4:3. My question is, which is "correct"?

    My arcade machine looks much more like the "wider" (8:7) ratio, but that might just be because I have my width set incorrectly.

    Personally, I prefer it "fat," always have, and that's how I played in MAME before I was doing TG submissions. I left the 4:3 as is for the TG WolfMAME games, and tolerated it, but now that I'm playing mostly on the arcade machine, when I go back to MAME it's just intolerably narrow!

    I'd really like to know how the game was "meant to be played" - at its native resolution, or pulled in to 4:3?

    I just want to know and get it settled once and for all so that I can switch to the correct one and get used to it! It actually makes a significant difference, particularly when it comes to spring recognition...
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