1943 top score invalid (MAME)

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  1. 1943 top score invalid (MAME)

    03-11-2012, 01:30 PM

    Over a month ago I spoke to David R. Archey about the top 1943 score for Mame. I believe that theres a strong chance theres been an error somewhere that has added a 0 to the end. To back this up I found an archive of TG scores at the following address
    You can clearly see the same guy with the same score minus the extra 0 as well as a number of the other scores that are still in the TG highscore table.
    This also ties in with my thoughts that the score isn't a realistically possible score (due to a bonus that is very rare and you'd need a number more than you'd ever get statistically)
    David replied to say he'd passed it on my information but wasn't able to research it directly. I asked him a while later if there was any news and he suggested I contact David Nelson for further info. This I did but I've heard nothing back. I also then mailed the TGI cares address (altho that might also be David) and got no reply either.
    Finally I sent another message to DavidA asking for a followup but again got nothing.

    I understand that people can be busy but not getting even a "we're looking into it" response is a little frustrating.
    Is there anyone reading this that might be able to update me or help out?


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