901,450 in Turbo Ms. Pac Man by Steve Kleisath...

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  1. 901,450 in Turbo Ms. Pac Man by Steve Kleisath...

  2. Re: 901,450 in Turbo Ms. Pac Man by Steve Kleisath...

    03-26-2012, 08:31 AM
    Really good score.

    Was that done on a "Class Of 1981"? If so, read the following:
    Ms. Pac-Man has 6 dots on board 142. You and the ghosts start off screen. At normal speed, the red ghost will kill you instantly. At turbo speed, you can get away from the red ghost.

    Ms. Pac-Man has 14 dots & 2 power pellets on board 142.

    Ms. Pac-Man crashes on board 142, reseting the game showing the rom release, and not saving the high score.
    UPDATE: Ms. Pac-Man has 8 or 9 dots on board 142, but crashes shortly after appearing. It crashes differently, instead of showing the rom release, the game ends bringing you back to Ms. Pac-Man attract mode, but it doesn't save the high score correctly.

    Ms. Pac-Man has 4 dots & 1 power pellet on board 142.

    Ms. Pac-Man has 4 dots & 1 blue ghost on board 142.
    UPDATE: Sometimes the 4 dots, 4 ghosts, and Ms. Pac-Man don't appear at the start of board 142, and crashes.

    Ms. Pac-Man has 4 dots, 1 blue ghost, and a strange looping sound after you die on board 142.

    Ms. Pac-Man has 8 dots on board 142.

    Ms. Pac-Man has 5 dots on board 142.

    Ms. Pac-Gal (Ms. Pac-Man (2)). Some of the boards before the killscreen have the following: F, A, C, at a few spots on the board, with the tunnel anomaly in different spots, the border colors are blue and purple, boards 134-137 aren't upside-down and backwards. Board 142 has the word 'STARRING' with 7 dots (hearts) and 1 power pellet.

    Here are my best scores on those releases (all of these are killscreen games):
    900,520 (5+1 men/normal/15,000 extra man) [Class Of 1981] [KOP16/King Of Prussia] 12/28/11 (V1.01)
    901,260 (3+1 men/hard/10,000 extra man/Died once/Missed 2 Ghosts) [Class Of 1981] [R24/Oaks] 6/15/11 (V1.02)
    855,850 (3+1 men/normal/10,000 extra man/Died once/Missed 1 Pretzel) [Class Of 1981] [UA9/Malvern] 4/29/09 (V1.03)
    919,600 (5+1 men/normal/10,000 extra man) [Class Of 1981] [Dave & Busters/Plymouth Meeting Mall] 12/7/11 (V1.04)
    910,800 (3+1 men/normal/10,000 extra man/Died Twice on same board missing 1 banana) [Class Of 1981] [R16-W-DE/Wilmington, DE] 2/27/2010 (V1.08)
    825,240 (3+1 men/hard/15,000 extra man) [Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Edition] [KOP16/King Of Prussia] 3/12/09 (V2.00)
    945,880 (3+1 men/normal/20,000 extra man) [Pac-Man bonus life graphics/Jr. Pac-Man bonus graphics] [carmike-c8] 9/17/11
    871,710 (3+1 men/normal/10,000 extra man) [48-in-1] [High Scores] 8/14/10
    849,780 (3+1 men/normal/10,000 extra man) [60-in-1] [Pinball Gallery] 4/24/10
    939,960 (3+1 men/normal/10,000 extra man/ALL 141 BOARDS!) (Confetti Arcade) 1/29/11 (Original)
    Sam Miller
    ZAZ (CAG)/ZAZ1 (TG)/Zaz_cag (
  3. 04-28-2014, 05:22 AM
    Nice to see these forums up and running again! Maybe Steven can get 940K on Ms. Pac soon!
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