Victor Sandberg [Sweden] beats Missile Command WR [Marathon Settings] TWICE!

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  1. Victor Sandberg [Sweden] beats Missile Command WR [Marathon Settings] TWICE!

    05-07-2014, 09:07 PM
    EDIT: This is not yet TG verified but it is 100% legit.

    First, beginning on March 15, 2013, he beat Victor Ali's(USA) record of 80,364,995 points in 1982 with a new world record of 81,796,035 points after approximately 56 hours of play.

    It was not that much longer after that he would try another run to push his own world record to nearly unreachable heights.

    On December 27, 2013, Sandberg started a new world record attempt, aiming for a total playing time of 100 hours, a score of 100 million, and reaching 10,000 levels. The marathon ended after 71 hours and 41 minutes on December 30, culminating in a score of 103,809,990 on level 10,432, 10 points short of getting an additional 176 cities. Missile Command Wiki
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  2. 05-11-2014, 08:00 AM
    Thanks for the nice recap Craig :) I'm sure the score will be added as soon as they start accepting submissions :)
  3. 05-13-2014, 09:36 PM
    I've been messing around with DK trying to get a killscreen and then resume TGTS practice. However, DK is harder than I thought :) I had 800Kish high score in TGTS before my break!

    Are you playing any Tetris Don?
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