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  1. 12-18-2019, 10:44 PM
    Hi @SincerelyFranny, I tried to contact you couple of weeks ago via website messaging, but never got a reply. Messaging to the other admin address didn't go through, as the "Submit" button didn't work. Not sure, if the messaging system works.
    I'm trying to get my records back for Omega Race:

    I can see that's a different player number that I have (25133). I had to re-verify two years ago when I tried to login. It was my first login to a new website then after something like 10 years when the old page was still around. I'm using the same email and home address.

    Also, don't know why on the Omega Race page it says Version: 1983. Omega Race was released in 1981.


    Edit: I also tried to use the "Claim" option, but was getting PHP errors as well.
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