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  1. Robotron 2084 VKE Track

    05-11-2014, 04:41 AM
    VKE stands for VidKidz Extreme and is a scoring track created by Larry DeMar & Eugene Jarvis, vcreators of the game.

    Settings: 3 man start, new man every 50,000 points, difficulty setting 10 (max)

    This track is currently the primary scoring regime used by the current top Robotron players & is fully supported by the Williams Players Unite (WPU) community.

    My personal WPU high score is 620,000 points. I will post a video of that gameplay soon.
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    Robotron 2084, Double Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr Cocktail, Pengo
    Robotron High Scores: Difficulty 5 Marathon Score - 54,144,225; Difficulty 10 Marathon Score - 1,189,850; TGTS Score - 470,975; VKE Score - 620,575
  2. 05-11-2014, 05:02 AM
    Nice work, Dane.

    Some tidbits about this scoring track:
    1- the top score reported so far is John McAllister 2013, 999,950 (Yes, Robotron always wins...who will be the first to break the 1 million barrier?)

    2- During planning, Jarvis thought this scoring challenge would be too extreme for the players, turns out that's just how the players like it.

    3- The Robotron community has 2 tiers to categorize the players skill-level. Mastery is the typical long-time player who can do things like reach 10 million points on default settings. Yet an Extreme Master can do the same except on difficulty 10.
    It takes 750K on VKE to earn the title of Extreme Master (X-Master).

    At the Robotron2084Guidebook there are only 9 current players who have graduated to the status of X-Master, through feats of max difficulty amazement.

    Honorary Degree in Extreme Mastery
    Abdner Ashman (not currently an active player or available online)

    Class of 2012
    Marc Fournier
    Paul Spriggs
    Darrin Cormier

    Class of 2013
    Ken House
    John McAllister
    Matt Hall
    Jeff Harrist

    Class of 2014
    Rick Gehlert
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