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  1. Toobin' Class 1 Map + Tips

    06-05-2014, 01:55 PM
    I had way too much time on my hands this I thought I would share an initial mapping of Atari's Toobin' (just Class 1 for now since I am using this to decide what new route to take for another 10,000,000+ point 1 credit attempt).

    Toobin' River Notes:

    Class 1: Colorado, Amazon, American, Okefenokee and Argentum Rivers
    Class 2: Yukon, Cuprum, Styx, Left Bank, Nile Rivers
    Class 3: Jurassic, Black Forest, Rio Grande, Canals Of Mars and Nightmare Rivers

    Class 4-6: the same but much harder difficulty/obstacles/enemies

    Atari states that there are 45 different rivers to choose from (different layouts/difficulty for the same ones above)

    Name:  Jerky's Toobin Map CLASS 1 revised.jpg
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    Map Notes:

    1. You always begin Class 1 on the same first section of the Colorado River (1). You get to run through five rivers per Class (the longer first river always has a mid section fork + end river fork choice). The end river fork choices from the other two different sections of the Colorado River (2)(3), and those made at the end of each subsequent river, determine how the rest of your game unfolds (left/right black fork choices for the 3 different Colorado River sections).

    2 The subsequent river order, map layout, enemy type/location and their difficulty level change depending on whether you take the left (2) or right (3) fork mid Colorado River (then are based on the subsequent left/right blue, green and red fork choices to see where you finish the end of the Class).

    3. Every river of the core 15 shown above has at least two different map layouts to learn. The longer Class starting rivers each have three different sections (Colorado, Yukon and Jurassic all have a starting section then a different left or right part two based off the mid river fork).

    4. These left/right maps are repeated throughout the game route but each version is slightly different depending on the enemy difficulty/type/locations (different river obstacles and locations for Toobin' letters too). The enemy difficulty of the river maps is based on whether it comes up sooner or later. River difficulty increases as you progress through each Class. For example: If you pick the American River as the second river of five, then it will be much easier to get through than if it was the third or fourth river in that Class. The same river is at the highest difficulty level when played as the last of five.

    5. The final river selection, on my map from the fourth river (green) to the fifth (red), only allows you to choose the "left" or "right" map layout of that river. Both will be at the highest difficulty but with a different layout for enemies and obstacles. The river names (multiples of the same left/right maps) are repeated across the top/bottom for the sake of map route clarity.

    More to come...?

    Happy Gaming!
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  2. 06-05-2014, 09:17 PM
    Here's the river map for Class 2 (Yukon, Cuprum, Styx, Left Bank and Nile Rivers):

    Name:  Jerky's Toobin Map CLASS 2.jpg
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    Map Notes:
    (same as first post above....just use the Class 2 rivers in the same examples. Yukon=Colorado for starting river now)
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  3. 06-05-2014, 10:04 PM
    Now for Class 3 (Jurassic, Rio Grande, Black Forest, Canals of Mars, Nightmare):

    Name:  Jerky's Toobin Map CLASS 3.jpg
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    Map Notes:
    (same as first post...starting river Colorado=Jurassic)

    * addition note *
    Rivers that come up sooner on your route through the game are shorter with the same left/right maps otherwise...if it comes up as the last river in a Class then it is the longest version of it.
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  4. 06-08-2014, 11:16 PM
    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!
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  5. 06-08-2014, 11:22 PM
    I don't even play Toobin' and I think this is awesome. Maybe I'll give it a try!
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  6. 06-09-2014, 01:05 AM
    Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
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  7. 06-09-2014, 05:38 AM
    I've played Toobin' in MAME but never to this extent. This is really cool.
    Stephen K. Boyer
    Former Twin Galaxies Sr. Referee
    Mario Bros. 2-Player Team: 1,517,380 ( Arcade Medium World Record )
    Mario Bros. 2-Player Team: 788,970 ( Arcade Medium NO POW World Record )
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  8. happy to share...

    06-10-2014, 12:52 PM
    The Atari programmers came up with a great way to ensure repeat plays by allowing for so many different routes through the game. So if you manage to dial in a particular 1 credit finish route, you still basically have many other fresh gaming experiences to choose from ("mastering" the whole game and all its rivers would keep any good gamer busy/happy).

    It's a bit of an under-recognized/rated/played Atari classic. It's too bad that it came out so late (1988 way after the crash). I was surprised myself to find out how many river combos there were.

    I think people don't play more Toobin' because (1) the controls are hard to master, and (2) most people have no idea how the different rivers are laid out (it "seems" random at first to most causal players). (3) Toobin' is also quick to punish the player for screwing up in the wrong place at the wrong time w/multiple patch losses in a row (maybe a little too brutal for casual players to stay interested).

    As for (1), I recommend using your thumbs to do the forward L/R paddle and index fingers on the back L/R paddle buttons. This allows you to hit the "can" button with either or both thumbs while maneuvering using thumbs and fingers at the same time. You can also rock the can button "double-flap-style" from either left or right hand as you paddle about (for point pressing enemies). You can make tighter/quicker turns by hitting both forward and back paddle buttons at the same time...while firing cans this way (forward L + back R /// forward R + back L).

    (2) See the maps in my posts above to get an idea of how the game is laid out. By changing up the route you take you may be able to get through a Class you never could before (or lose way less patches!). Some rivers are easier than others at the hardest difficulty river 5 position/length/layout. Example: The REV 1 Toobin' romset has a really difficulty Nightmare river, especially if it is last/longest (the pyramids shoot at full speed all the time). I am working on a route that puts that first/not last for Class 3 and 6 so I can try to crack 10,000,000 points+ on that version too (MAME).

    (3) Good luck not getting zapped w/quick multi patch deaths in a row (but...knowing where to find the next six pack on any given river helps recover from losing a patch or few + there are many free patches hidden under obstacles).

    Happy Toobin'!
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  9. 06-10-2014, 02:41 PM
    I could certainly get into this game if I had it and using this map would make it even more fun. Good luck on the 10M attempt.
    Stephen K. Boyer
    Former Twin Galaxies Sr. Referee
    Mario Bros. 2-Player Team: 1,517,380 ( Arcade Medium World Record )
    Mario Bros. 2-Player Team: 788,970 ( Arcade Medium NO POW World Record )
    Mario Bros. Single Player MEDIUM 4,260,210 ( MAME World Record )
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