Judgement Is Now At Hand...

  1. Exclamation Judgement Is Now At Hand...

    06-07-2014, 01:37 AM

    As you know, this new era of Twin Galaxies brings many expectations and challenges.

    Everything from reconstructing the old forums and database, all the way to the upcoming adjudication system changes and the growth of the associated Twin Galaxies Live Network has represented a tremendous amount of time, dedication and work effort.

    As part of the new era of Twin Galaxies, one of the elements that has been evolving has been forum policy.

    For the most part, the policies that have already been put in place have allowed the forums to remain civil in terms of language use - and the community seems to be slowly returning to contribute thoughts, opinions and ideas.

    However, there are some grey areas of human and social behavior that are not completely addressed and Twin Galaxies has come to the conclusion that it must provide a method to deal with unique situations, wherever and whenever they may occur.

    Twin Galaxies is not just a database. It is a community of great people.

    All communities need to be nurtured, encouraged, supported and also be PARTICIPATORY. The community itself must have opportunities to be heard and participate in relevant decision making regarding what is considered to be acceptable social behavior within the community. It is critical for the growth, health and stability of an interactive environment such as a forum.

    With the understanding of the above - Twin Galaxies has created a special forum called:

    This TGT forum is specifically for the VERIFIED Twin Galaxies community to have the ability to rule on issues of user moderation, as it relates to social conduct within the Twin Galaxies forums and community. (If you are not VERIFIED - get VERIFIED - READ THIS )

    Here is how the TGT works:

    1.) Create a thread/post in the forum with the name of the user, cite undesired behavior and desired action to be taken. There are only 4 actions that will be allowed:

    Temporary Ban
    Permanent Ban
    Temporary Ban - or Can Provide Public Written Apology In Lieu of Ban
    Permanent Ban - or Can Provide Public Written Apology In Lieu of Ban

    Examples of use as thread title:

    1. Johnny - Repeated Spamming - Temporary Ban.
    2. Jimmy - Inappropriate photos - Permanent Ban
    3. James - Harassment - Permanent Ban - or Can provide public written apology in lieu of Ban

    2.) Once the post title is created, then you must specifically detail why the post is justified and not frivolous. You must supply any and all evidence to support your assertions and be as thorough as possible.

    3.) THAT'S IT.

    Once you have posted, it will be up to the VERIFIED community to either click "LIKE" or "DISLIKE" on your post.

    When TWIN GALAXIES determines that "LIKE" has been clicked enough times by the VERIFIED community - THE SPECIFIC ACTION WILL BE TAKEN AND THESE ACTIONS ARE FINAL.

    In this way, the community will be able to collectively moderate the grey areas of human and social behavior that the Twin Galaxies general policies are not able to specifically cover. We believe that between both Twin Galaxies and the community itself, we will all be able to maintain an environment that is positive for as many people as possible.

    While this community system is not perfect, it is an attempt to step in the right direction.

    This system is not to be abused. It should only be used when absolutely necessary.

    WARNING - It would be a mistake for an individual user to try to use the TGT to attack numerous users with hypersensitive complaints or false accusations.

    The reason it would be a mistake is because the TGT would be used against you for that behavior, and everyone would vote you into banishment quickly.

    The TGT should be used as a last resort.

    It is now up to the community to decide how it wants to use this tool.

    Jace Hall
    Head Custodian
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