All in all it was a good night. Next time I hope to do this on a actual arcade cabinet once I get my monitor fixed. I think the game would certainly run better compared to doing this on MAME with the streaming running and slowing down my computer. I can't complain about the results though. :-)

These are the estimated score results but the correct order none the less.

Well, besides the 1st place score, all of the other scores were very close. This is a brief rundown of the final scores and places.

1) Tom Votava - 3.3M (dude is a freak)
2) Ben Falls - 1.7M (Ben's highest score ever and he does it in a live event)
3) Stephen Boyer - 1.5M
4) Steven Kleisath - 1.4M
5) Ross Benziger - 1.3M
6) Perry Rodgers - 1.1M