Which Sonic Riders Game Is better and why?

  1. Which Sonic Riders Game Is better and why?

    07-11-2014, 12:28 AM
    Okay so the other day i was really bored and i was looking through my old Gamecube games.I strted to play sonic riders.Then I got bored and played Sonic riders zero gravity.While i was playing i was thinking wow this game is crap compared to the first one.I asked some of my freinds which is better and they all said the first one.So im asking everyone here now.

    Anither question is, in sonic riders (1) do you think they should have added team chaotix?And if sega is making another sonicriders game should they make storys other then babylon and sonic.Like team chaotix or team rose?Oh and one more thing it really pissed me off that tikal and chaos 0 are only in 2 games and playable in 1.So should sega add all the other sega characters from past games?

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