Should connecting arcade parts to a TV be an option?

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  1. Should connecting arcade parts to a TV be an option?

    01-25-2015, 04:25 AM
    I've been thinking about how if you use control panels with the motherboards and use special cables, you can link them to a TV. So, if you used a camcorder to prove that you are using the original arcade motherboards attached to a normal TV to record, would that be fine?
    I think am neutral on it, but I think that this could save some money for the players who don't want to use MAME.
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  2. 01-29-2015, 05:18 PM
    I've never had a problem with using a tv and some wires hooked up and not inside a cabinet. A lot of games were converted to non standardized cabinets and even hacked up ones. As long as you have the original board you can use a tv, projector, laser projector for vector games, lcd, whatever to produce a picture. As far as power goes use whatever works, the Donkey Kong bs is just that, power is power and can't affect the game in a controllable or favorable way. When it comes to controls is when it matters. If the game used a joystick then you have to use a joystick, you cant use a thumb controler or keyboard. If you want to use an eight way in place of a 4 way or the other way around, go right ahead, as long as there is no advantage in doing so, if it has been proven to have advantages then it shouldn't be allowed. If you want to Jammatize your DK boardset and play it in a scramble cabinet then by all means go right ahead. It's mostly just all about the board.
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