Nintendo 64 - Diddy Kong Racing - NTSC - Hot Top Volcano - Fastest Race - Any Vehicle - 01:19.85 - Joe Jackmovich

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  1. Nintendo 64 - Diddy Kong Racing - NTSC - Hot Top Volcano - Fastest Race - Any Vehicle - 01:19.85 - Joe Jackmovich

    05-16-2015, 06:33 PM
    NTSC - Hot Top Volcano - Fastest Race - Any Vehicle
    Score Track

    Starts at 2:12
  2. 05-16-2015, 06:54 PM
    Diddy Kong Racing love it!. One of my favourite racing games. Robert was kind enough to send me a copy of the original spreadsheet with all the submission info for the DKR tracks which was part of a competition on TG.I think I am going to create tracks for every vehicle type for each course. While in most racing games the vehicle choice may not necessarily relevant, it drastically affects race times in this game, and all the speed run competition tracks high scores accordingly.I can't watch atm because I'm at work but ill check it out when I get home.
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  3. 05-16-2015, 06:57 PM
    Yeah I finally found a good turbo controller so I decided to give it a shot. Like you said in your posts I'm just trying to get in the top 5 for most of the tracks. The airplane ones are easiest for me; I can't figure out the hovercraft for the life of me.

    If you make extra tracks let me know and I'll throw points at them. It would be nice to have these broken up.
  4. 05-16-2015, 06:57 PM
    This game destroys the entire Mario Kart franchise :3
  5. 05-17-2015, 10:26 AM
    Nice run using the rooster !!

    Years back TG simplified the track/variations by eliminating the ones for multiple vehicles as it opened the possibility for an administrative nightmare with future games to come should they also boast multiple variations and even larger selections of different vehicles each with different attributes. Back in the day there was a call for each of the original "F-Zero" tracks to be opened for each of the four primary vehicles.

    It could have been a LOT worse for "F-ZeroX" from a strictly administrative view and the existing TG staff could have been easily overwhelmed...that game had something like 24 cars and 30 tracks or vice versa, and each track had fastest lap, face and highest speed, so do the math in terms of the number of permutations there.

    I believe that for "Diddy Kong", however, under the new TG policy, that this could work for vehicles so long as it does not get into specifics as far as the driver goes. Otherwise there would be records for each track and vehicle both with and without "TT", never mind the rooster. It's nice to master a specific combination, but the administrative nightmare of maintenance for all the permutations was always the issue.

    Good luck in beating some of the existing records. They were originally established for glitch-free runs as well otherwise it would have become even more complex.

    The best part about DKR is that like "F-Zero", "F-ZeroX" and the less-known "Wacky Races" for the Sega DC (a personal favourite of mine), the decision to pick up extra energy or tokens mid-race, and in DKR bananas, is part of the strategy. While you can max out the bananas in DKR, the natural inclination to do this as early as possible often comes at the sacrifice of valuable time especially in shorter courses like "Whale Bay". Plus some of the bananas are strategically arranged so as to force you to decide which are worth getting versus ignoring. And that strategy changes when you are trying for fastest lap as well.

    "Wacky Races" is different in that you actually use your tokens, which can be accumulated to a max of 10 during the race, for special abilities and boosts mid-race, and you can keep acquiring new tokens throughout. The challenge here is that while the tokens always are in the same starting position, they can change substantially as each of the 3 laps of the race progresses, and coupled with your opponent vehicles each absorbing some tokens this is in my opinion one of the more challenging and enjoyable titles out there.

    "F-Zero" and "F-ZeroX" is a whole different have to keep your energy up else you risk both slowing down AND potentially exploding, and the faster you go, the less time you spend running over the energy strips. I watched a few world-class runs from the top FZX players of the 2001-2002 era and let me tell you they had the game down to a science back then...I only wish I had the opportunity to keep pace with just how fast each variation was pushed to in terms of lap, race and speed. Too bad the measurable speed was capped at 3000, though, as I know for a fact I've seen the visual pre-record speeds reaching way over 3000 in some cases...and amazingly the vehicle did not blow up upon impact when it landed !!

    I never found a dedicated DKR community to discuss each track's nuances to the same level of detail that the FZX and MK64 communities did, however, and the only "community" for the "Wacky Races" title was Matthew Leto, Rodrigo Lopes, myself and later Tom Duncan for the most part. My EXCEL spreadsheet for that title, which was able to calculate the maximum theoretical speeds per course, was an invaluable tool for the three of us, and in fact I never saw anything like it for any other title, now that I think of it !!

    Good luck as you keep up with has always been one of my favourite titles. I only regret from 2001 not having any submissions for fastest completion races against "Big Pig" 1 & 2.
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