JROK - Robotron: 2084 - 1-Credit Verified Endurance Marathon - 2,010,900 - Mark Hoff

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  1. JROK - Robotron: 2084 - 1-Credit Verified Endurance Marathon - 2,010,900 - Mark Hoff

    06-04-2015, 07:32 PM

    1-Credit Verified Endurance Marathon
    Goal: Highest score using 1-credit (no restarts/cumulative scores) by one individual player.

    Romsets Allowed:
    --Any official release from VidKidz (Larry DeMar/Eugene Jarvis)
    --2015 Tie-Die
    --1987 Patched Blue
    --1982 Blue
    --1982 Yellow/Orange
    Note- The gameplay, enemy dynamics, and wave layouts are 100% identical across the romsets.

    --Extra Man Every- 25,000
    --Turns Per Player- 3
    --Difficulty of Play- 5 or higher
    --Letters For Highest Score Name- 3

    --"Trapping" a brain on the right side of screen in order to take extended breaks
    --Having another person run the controls while player is taking a break
    --Cumulative scoring- Which would be restarting a game due to hardware/software/user malfunction and adding the multiple scores as part of a tabulated final score.
    --Using any form of pause mechanism to halt the game code, either hardware or software.

    Technical Information To Assist Adjudication:
    --The life counter rolls back to 0 after 255 (ie "Clocking" the lives).
    --The internal score counter rolls at 100 million. Between 99,975,000 and 100 million is a math anomaly which will award the player 1 life for every item scored on screen, to be paid back in full after 100 million BEFORE the player can accumulate new bonus lives.
    --1982 YO roms were first in production, they lack cocktail settings and factory default to 5.
    --1982 Blue roms were next, they have cocktail mode, factory default to 3, and have a wave 1 “bozo” mode (die on wave 1 and rest of wave 1 is difficulty 0)
    --1987 Patched Blue roms, fixes the glitch where an angled enforcer explosion on a sidewall can trigger game reset. Coded by DeMar and release by Williams to Digital Eclipse for their PC release. Same code found in the XBLA and Midway releases.
    --2015 Tie-Die roms, onscreen life counter, 10 million digit on display, enforcer explosion glitch fix, and ability to test game at 99,900,000 if Letters for Highest Score Name is set to 4. Coded by original Robotron programmer, Larry DeMar with endorsement by the other Robotron programmer, Eugene Jarvis (The VidKidz).
    Submission Message
    Inaugural score for the platform with commentary interspersed.
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  2. 06-04-2015, 11:01 PM
    I love the commentary. Good score, accepted.
  3. 06-10-2015, 08:08 PM
    Thanks for the video and descriptive nuances of the game play. You really do know this game.
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