JROK - Joust - Tournament Settings (TGTS) - 136,000 - Mark Hoff

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  1. JROK - Joust - Tournament Settings (TGTS) - 136,000 - Mark Hoff

    08-05-2015, 01:14 PM

    Tournament Settings (TGTS)
    --5 lives --Bonus Lives set to zero (0).--Difficulty Of Play: 5 or greaterRomsets: Any- Red or Green. Red was early, slightly more difficult, and has the unfixed “pterodactyl hunting” bug.Controls: Using Player 1 or Player 2 is acceptable. Using Player 2 would involve pressing the 2-player start button then letting Player-1 die off immediately.Special Note: Pterodactyl hunting (TERY) is not allowed. Tery hunting would be defined as stopping the forward progress of the wave with the intent of only killing Tery's. This would be observed in the early waves of the game, leaving one gray enemy (Hunter) in the grasp of the Lava Troll, while the player sits on a ledge killing one Tery after another.
    Submission Message
    Inaugural score.
    This score is in the wave 16 range which is where you'll see the first Shadow Lord spawn (1500points they be worth!)
    Wave 16 would be a great learning goal for TS play.
    Be aware that playing without bonus lives is counter-intuitive to the design of these Williams games which employ the psychology of Redemption.
    best of luck on this challenge!
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