Arcade Game Fast and the Furious SuperCars 27 Race Track Times also,1.Most Air Time, 3.Most Tricks,4. Most Drift Time, 5.Biggest Drift Chain, 6.Biggest Drift.

Fast and the Furious Supercars Arcade Game Made by Rawthrills Team Eugene Jarvis Vidkidz-Williams the Creator of Defender,Stargate, Robotron Cruisin n many other Awesome Arcade Games.The 3rd installment and the Newest n in my opinion the Best of the Fast and the Furious Arcade Game Series should be added it is Popular n Competive all over the USA and the World It is assessible to all at many Amusement Parks, Entertainment Places, Arcades, all over the World. Like Itz, Main Event Event, Dave n Busters, Hawaiin Falls, Pirates World, Six Flags, Dark Continuant, Austin Park n Pizza amusement, Disney Land n World, Skating Rinks, Laser Tag to name a few.
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Fast and the Furious Supercars Game Settings:

Difficulty 5 Default settings
Start Time Bonus:80 seconds
Checkpoint Bonus:30 seconds
Speed Measurement:MPH
Wheel Stiffness: .20 Default