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  1. My Fast and the Furious Super Cars Quest

    09-06-2015, 09:16 PM
    My Quest was trying to break all 27 Race Track Time Records as well as 1.Most Drift Time, 2.Biggest Drift, 3.Most Drift Train, 4.Most Tricks on the Arcade Game Fast and the Furious Supercars made by Rawthrills owned by Eugene Jarvis Vidkidz, Williams, Midway, Bally-> creator of Defender-Robotron,Crusin Series and many other Great Arcade Games.

    I started my Quest at Main Event in Austin,Tx were I live then to Main Events in each of these cities from San Antonio, Tx, Shenandoa, Tx, Lewisville, Tx, Fort Worth, Tx,Stafford, Tx, Katy, Tx, Grapevine, Tx.

    I wanted to know whether I was the best and how I compared to other players Race Track Time Records on the Arcade Game Fast and the Furious Supercars 27 Race Tracks. To my surprise I Broke all the 27 Race Track Record Times in each City that had a Main Event. In all I JJT broke 324 Race Track Record Times and 36 other Records on the Arcade Game Fast and the Furious Supercars.

    Usually I broke the Race Track Record Times on my First Race Attempt others between 2 to 3 Race Attempts. I did this in 1 day in a few hours and in a span of 10 weeks.

    I got No trophies, medals, plaques,money or Twin Galaxies World Record certicatess for achieving this Awesome Race Track Time Record Feat.To me it was a Great Adventure Quest a Personal Anchievement to see if I could Break all 27 Race Track Time Records at these Main Events in each of these Cities n I Johnny (JJT) did it. It was a Fantastic Personal Accomplishment n Joy n Happiness in doing something no-one has ever had done before. Some people would say I was crazy for doing it. But I Johnny (JJT) took it upon myself to Achieve the Impossible that no-one thought of trying this Feat before I Johnny (JJT) did it. I thank God for helping me do it.

    Note: Some of the Fast and the Furious Supercar Arcade Games were not in series not hooked up together but were Solo at some of the locations.

    Also, note I played on Mondays at Main Event in each of these Texas cities there is a Mondaynight Special cost only $9.95 for a Unlimited Arcade Game Card which starts at 4PM and ends at 2AM in the morning. The great thing about having the Unlimited Arcade Game Card is you can play all you want. Excellent for someone like me that lives on a budget.

    In this part of Texas I can say I Johnny (JJT) am the Best on the Arcade Game Fast and the Furious Supercar on the 27 Race Tracks in East Texas from San Antonio, Tx, Austin, Tx, Fort Worth, Tx, Dallas, Tx, Houston, Tx.

    If you do not mind Twin Galaxies members who live in any these Cities or close to them please go check out the Main Event when you have the time and see for yourselves my 27 Race Track Record Times on the Arcade Game Fast and the Furious Supercars.

    In the future I will Sponsor the Track on this Great Arcade Race Game to see how my Race Track Record Times compare with Everybody else in the World.

    Special Note: I do not normally tell this Disability I have which is I am ADD which I deal with each day and have Dyslexia and had Speech impediment which hindering me reading, writing n speeking when I was young that I overcame over time. I overcame it by playing both Team n Individual Sports.

    PS: I spent alout money on Gas, hours of Driving n Playing as well as eating n sleeping in the car,also getting lost a few times but it was fun in Accomplishing this Great Race Track Record Times Feat.

    The Best thing that happened to me was I met and made friends with some wonderful people in each of these Cities. Also, I met some Great Arcade Players in each Main Event I went to and saw some Awesome play of these Great Players Skills on various Arcade Games like Pump It Up 2015 Edition, ReRave, Big Buck Safari n World, a Star * on Time Crisis 4 1- credit game by BNT n SS on House of the Dead 4 by PTS at Dave n Busters in Austin, Snow Cross, Super Bikes 1 n 2, Terminator Salvation, Fright Fear Land, Jurassic Park 2015, Grid, Ski Racing game, Fast n the Furious original, Alien Extermination n other games. Plus, met and became friends with some of the Main Event Techs n Managers at each location.

    I hope you guys enjoy my Fast and the Furious Supercars Race Adventure Quest
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