Hi everyone!

I wanted to start this thread because the only talk I've seen or found so far about some of these issues is on some adjudication threads. Those are good examples and represent some sort of precedent but I think these issues deserve some clarity.

Also I'm about to attempt to record some performances VERY shortly and want to get some conversation going as soon as possible.
I've got word from someone at my local arcade that they are willing to help me record a performance and need to be sure what is a MUST for the dip switches and what can be let go.

So here are the first two issues I want to start the thread with:

1. FREE PLAY versus COIN/CREDIT settings

For item #1 this is the one I've seen on more than one adjudication thread. People go to free play arcades like there are so many of nowadays (I'm not sure if I like these or not - free play is great but I can't just stop in and drop 50 cents on a couple credits) and when they show dip switches, there's quite often a disagreement with one of the game track rules. Often specified is default dip switch settings, which include the setting where you pay quarters to play. However, with conversation I've seen on accepted submissions thru TGSAP, I'm confident that I can submit a performance where this is the only rule "broken" on the dip switch configuration and that it will be seen as an acceptable submission.

For item #2 I feel as though it's a simple issue but could develop into a technicality problem. For arcade game tracks that define "tournament settings" as there being no continues allowed, they often specify a dip switch configuration that matches this setting. Another issue with going to public arcades - they'll NEVER turn the continues off. That's buy-in baby. What do you think this is, UNICEF? But seriously, if a game track rule set specifies Dip Switch X to be set to OFF to implement the No Continues setting, can I just record a performance where I don't USE continues and it be acceptable?

Thanks in advance for any contributions to the discussion, and of course if this is laid out better somewhere else on the forum then just sling the link my way :)

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