Arcade Titles with Scores that Increment AFTER Game Over

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  1. Arcade Titles with Scores that Increment AFTER Game Over

    11-23-2015, 10:56 PM
    I just found out this past week at ACAM that "Death Race" adds points to your final scores (after game over) based on the "gremlins" running into the final positions of player cars on the playfield after the game ended. That explained the team score of 51 spotted at ACAM (13-vs-33) which would have been a new world record.

    I can only think of "Astro Fighter" as another arcade title with this feature after the game ends...the score increases based on comets shot during the subsequent demo screens, thus explaining a 60-65K score that Fred Pastore spotted at ACAM several years back when we were heavily playing this title.

    Does anyone know of other arcade titles where the score can increase after game death due to subsequent demo screens ?
  2. 11-25-2015, 09:27 AM
    I can confirm what RTM is saying as it was Rob Ross and myself that noticed this first on Death Race.

    It is for that reason that I believe under no circumstances should a record for Death Race that is *only* a screenshot be allowed to be approved on TG directly.

    While I would take the word of witnesses into account, a video of gameplay should be require for any titles that exhibit this kind of behavior.

    Specifically, the instance RTM mentions above happened when Rob Ross and I had logged a game of Death Race 2 player bright and early on morning this past week and having gone back in the evening to notice the score being absurdly high, we suspected something might be up.

    After logging a few more games, we noticed the same thing happen when after some discussion pending a game ending, a "gremlin" walked into a car post-game and the score counter ticked up another point.

    While I don't think anyone would directly attempt to profit from this kind of thing occurring, it still bears noting that this does occur and as such complete video evidence of runs is necessary on this title and I imagine more as per RTM.
  3. 11-25-2015, 09:53 AM
    Astro Fighter. I noticed this at Richie Knucklez Arcade a few years back. The end of game score increases when comets are shot.
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    Sam Miller
    ZAZ (CAG)/ZAZ1 (TG)/Zaz_cag (
  4. 11-25-2015, 02:46 PM
    When titles like this are in a live competition, it is incumbent upon the player to flag down the referee immediately lest the score change.

    Also shows that even at a non-event, simply calling over the referee (whether an "Aurcade" or "TG" ref) to see the final score may no longer be good enough unlike a title such as "Pacman" for example where the last active score is still in the one player score position (unless someone rudely and inconsiderately pops in their coin before you can flag down a ref/witness...or far worse, claims the score as if it were their own).

    There are also (unrelated topic) games where the score disappears in seconds if you are not there to see it fast enough, usually if the score is insufficient to set a new leaderboard record at that moment in time for the title. I think "Final Lap" may be one title that behaves like this.
  5. Cosmic Chasm mystery bonus

    12-13-2015, 09:35 AM
    Cosmic Chasm, at least the emulated version, adds 100-450 points to your score after you lose your last ship @ "game over" for reasons unknown. Sometimes you get no extra points. The "mystery bonus" shows in your updated score when you enter your initials (different score than the screen you died on...or not sometimes).

    +100 points (difficulty easy)
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    +150 points (difficulty easy)
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    +400 points (difficulty hard)
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    +0 points (difficulty easy)
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    I should really go back and figure out why it does this someday.
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