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  1. PS2 - Sega Genesis Collection - Columns - Conflicting (incorrect) Settings

    01-16-2016, 08:35 PM
    I want to make sure I'm understanding these settings correctly. If so, then there's a conflict. Let me explain.

    When you click on start, you get this screen:

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    According to the TG settings in this window,

    the next thing you're supposed to do is click on the "Options" menu at the bottom of the screen and it will bring you to this menu:

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    By default, you don't have to do anything in this screen except click on "Exit", unless you want to change the button configuration. The next step is where it gets confusing and the problem exists. If you click on "Arcade" from the Select menu, it will allow you to set the settings in this window to "Arcade Medium, Level 5, +20,000 points which is the middle option of 3 as indicated in this image:

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    Once you hit the "X" or "Start" button, it will start the game. At this point, you DO NOT have the opportunity to set the "Menu" settings which is the last 4 lines in the TG settings window that your supposed to do as noted above. Basically, you have a choice to start a game from "Arcade" or a game from "Menu", but not both. If you do not click on "Arcade" and instead click on "Menu", you're provided with the following menu:

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    Once you click on "Original Game" (not Flash Columns, is a totally different game by itself), it takes you to the following next menu:

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    According to the above TG settings under this mode, you're supposed to select Class = "Amateur", Level = "0", Time Trial = "No" & BGM = "whatever you prefer" as indicated in the above image. Once you hit the "X" or "Start" button, the game will begin. It's a totally different game then if you start from the Arcade Mode.

    So my question is, why hasn't this game been broken up into 2 tracks? I actually prefer the -Menu, -Original Game mode over the -Arcade, -Medium/L5/20K mode.

    If I haven't confused anyone by now, someone please shed some light on these settings and let me know if there is in fact a conflict. I'd greatly appreciate it. I really want to submit a score on the "Menu" mode but don't want it to get rejected because someone says I was supposed to play on the "Arcade" mode.
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