JROK - Joust - Tery Hunting! (Leechfest) - 136,800 - Lonnie McDonald

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  1. JROK - Joust - Tery Hunting! (Leechfest) - 136,800 - Lonnie McDonald

    01-02-2016, 04:06 PM
    Tery Hunting! (Leechfest)
    Re-adding a historical score track which was removed from the TGIS in the early 80s due to leeching.Rules would be difficulty 5, 20,000 bonus, 5 lives to start. "Pterodactyl hunting" is typically performed between wave 6 and 8.NOTE- The key skill this leeching teaches the player is to focus for extended periods and fancy footwork with the Ostrich, but wear earplugs because the Buzzard screeching is horrendous. Mostly have fun as you take a walk back through the halls of history at Twin Galaxies arcade. History Lesson in a Nutshell- The original red romset released for Joust in July 1982 had a serious defect that allowed the player to sit on a ledge and kill Pterodactyls (Terys) to infinity while the lava troll held the last gray enemy.The Joust development team was quick to fix this anomaly and released a green romset which had a different Tery flight path plus the lava troll would pull the enemy down to its demise.Players across the country were quick witted at exploiting this leeching cheat to extend the life of their quarter and learn quickly what is otherwise a fairly difficult game. TGIS tracked these exploits in the early database which only held five precious top spots, anything below was deleted and erased in history.The TGIS standings as of May 27th, 1983 (Disclaimer- No video or documentational proof for the accuracy of these scores exists beyond the TGIS printout).201,452,600, Donnie Norris, Space Station, Wilmington, NC 4/1 to 4/4/1983 74 hours201,074,650, Gabe Hernandez, Cinemadome #7, Fremont, CA, 2/5/1983200,043,900, Keith Hutchins & Steve Phillips, Lazer 1, Oskaloosa, IA 1/1/1983156,531,350, Jim Ledggett, 7-11 Store, Davenport, IA 3/7/1983--http://www.videoparadise-sanjose.com/tg-top5.htmAs "Walter" legend goes a player was going for this record at the TG arcade in Ottumwa which drew an out-of-town reporter to drive 3 hours to cover the story. The reporter walked into the arcade,saw the minimal talent being exhibited, commented to Walter, and drove back home.Joust was THE lightning rod for bringing the three "That's Incredible" scoreboard programmers together. Local Ottumwan, Scott Garrett was efficient at Tery hunting. He introduced Mark Hoff to Joust and to Walter in the arcade, which led to assisting on the TRS-80 Color Computer BASIC programming for the upcoming TV event. Lyle Holman was brought in through the Joust connection who solidified the project as the lead programmer. All three young men can be briefly seen in the footage for "Chasing Ghosts" as they perform data entry during the live competition.
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    Joust - Tery Hunting! (Leechfest) - 136,800 Final Score 10:58 of the video

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    Joust - Tery Hunting! (Leechfest) Settings start at .32 seconds [ Joust Red] of the video and difficulty 5, 20,000 bonus, 5 lives to start are set at .47 seconds of the video

  5. 01-06-2016, 06:31 PM

    Nice score Lonnie. I was rather impressed when you fell off the platform and still managed to pick off a few Tery's on the fly (no pun intended. ).

    - Stephen Krogman -
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  6. 01-06-2016, 07:03 PM
    The programmer William Pfutzenrueter told me the mouth closed is 1 pixel and open is 3 pixels
  7. 01-14-2016, 06:18 PM
    Nice piece of history there you found and put together Lonnie, thanx. I remember doing hunting for a couple of hours before you would really just get bored and then started to play the game normal. But with so many lives left you got bored again, no goal to attempt or score to achieve, I just lost interest and moved onto the next game.
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