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    01-04-2016, 03:11 PM
    I plan on doing an official recording of WR tries on some Atari 800 games.

    i was wondering the following things:

    - is it OK to start the recording of the video, show the hardware, power up etc. and then do several tries in a row ? I'm fairly good but not every game I play will be a WR

    - I see people submitting videos using Harmony cartridges on the 2600. Does this also make it OK to load games from similar cartridges for the A8 platform, or f.i. SD card readers or even 5.25" floppies ?

    - I saw someone mentioning to record some "free air" before powering up the Atari.....but I connect my 800XL using a composite monitor cable so there will be just a black screen, is this OK ?

    - isn't there any differentiation between PAL and NTSC on the A8 platform ? The NTSC machines are slightly faster running then the PAL, making playing on PAL format easier. I live in Europe so most of my A8 computers are PAL but I specially got a NTSC 800XL because of this reason.
  2. 01-04-2016, 04:08 PM
    this is the list of accepted carts and such

    As best I know yes you can have multiple attempts on the same recording within reason, if your going 8 hours into a session and then get a score people wont be very happy to have to sift through all those hours to get to your attempt. Also please indicate the times that important events take place, beginning of attempt and end.....

    People just want to see the machine that your using, you showing it and the screen while you power it from off to on, also introduce yourself at the beginning of the video and tell us what you are going after and stuff. Makes it easier to double check things that are easily overlooked.

    Don't know enough about differences between pal and ntsc to advise .
  3. 01-04-2016, 10:38 PM
    Thanks for the quick answer !

    Well I'll stick to the NTSC machine to prevent any discussion.

    The multiple attempts won't be getting too crazy I'm sure.

    Thanks for the pointer to the allowed multi carts. I suggested to allow the Atarimax MyIDE ][ and The!Cart for the A8 platform on that thread.
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