TGEF NES Rematch Results and Recap

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  1. TGEF NES Rematch Results and Recap

    01-17-2016, 08:01 PM
    1st - Megaretroman (804.87) [GTX 980]
    2nd - Don Atreides (770.60) [RetroN 5]
    3rd - ssdninja (765.49)
    4th - TRB_MetroidTeam (549.13)
    5th - andrewg (423.37)
    6th - bensweeneyonbass (322.59)
    7th - Todayisforgotten (268.19)
    8th - timmell (91.57)

    Over 160 scores were submitted to the event, and it was exciting to see the scores being pushed higher and higher. Thanks everyone for participating, and congrats to the winners! Badges will be allocated onto profiles when that system has launched.

    Full Leaderboard w/ Game Scores:

    Since this was a beta test, I'd like to do a quick recap over some things that were found/explored as a result of the test:

    WolfMAME needs to be used for emulated console submissions.
    In future tournaments, RU submissions will still be allowed, but WolfMAME will be preferred. It is less commonly known that MAME supports not only arcade games, but console games as well. If you don't own the console, cartridge, or flash cart, MAME will be a suitable alternative to generate an INP file that you can submit to both a competition and Twin Galaxies. For example, if Contra (NES) is a game in a competition, there will be a track for the MAME platform called "Contra [NES]" that you should be able to submit to.

    Bugs were found and fixed.
    Four bugs were found on the site as a result of this beta test. Three of them were fixed, with the fourth fix currently in the works.

    I will be sure Jace sees this thread, and he'll be working on getting prizes to the winners.

    Also, don't forget that Yolympics is coming up! The game list has been announced, and can be found (along with registration) here:

    This is looking to be one of the best game lists in any MAME tournament I can recall, so I definitely hope you sign up if you haven't already! While the TGEF NES Rematch event was only 1 week long, Yolympics is over 4 weeks!
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