Baseball and Arkanoid, What do they have in common?

  1. Baseball and Arkanoid, What do they have in common?

    02-16-2016, 10:21 PM
    Hello everyone,

    Last year while attending the Free-Play Florida event here in Orlando, Florida, I had the privilege of viewing a short documentary about a guy by the name of Zack Hample. For those who don't know who this person is, he happens to be a personal friend of mine who I met 16 years ago and happens to have the world record on the Taito game, "Arkanoid".

    But this is not what the documentary is about. You see, Zack has a passion for Baseball like none other. I had the opportunity to meet Zack for the first time at the Funspot Twin Galaxies Master Tournament back in 2000. I watched Zack put a token in Arkanoid and in about an hour, literally CRUSH my long standing world record! We've remained the best of friends ever since.

    I thought Zack's story is something special and wanted to share it with anyone who wants to watch it.


    PS: Below are some pics of Zack and his love with Baseball and Arkanoid. He's a great guy and a loyal friend. Enjoy!

    Zack's 1st book.
    Name:  How To Snag Major League Baseballs.jpg
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    Zack's 2nd book.
    Name:  The Baseball.jpg
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    Zack's 3rd book.
    Name:  Watching Baseball Smarter.jpg
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    Zack attempting a WR on Arkanoid at Funspot in Weirs Beach, NH.
    Name:  zack_hample_arkanoid.jpg
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    Zack just after he finished playing his 1 hour game.
    Name:  zack & arkanoid.jpg
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    Me congratulating Zack after racking up 1,658,610 points!
    Name:  Me & Zack Hample after he beat my Arkanoid record1.jpg
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    Me showing Zack how I really felt about him beating my record and wiping the floor with me. :)
    Name:  Me & Zack Hample after he beat my Arkanoid record2.jpg
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    - Stephen "The Galaga King" Krogman -

    [U]Galaga Credentials[/U]:

    Arcade - Marathon - 15,999,990
    Arcade - 5-Men - 3,276,030 [live @ Free-Play Florida 2015]
    Arcade - Fast Fire - Marathon - 11,999,990 [unofficial]
    MAME - Marathon - 5,679,450
    MAME - Fast Fire - Marathon - 20,518,900
    MAME - No Dual Ship - 5-Men - 453,470
    MAME - No Dual Ship - Marathon - 1,112,520
    MAME (Class of '81 Reunion) - Fast Fire - 5-Men - 10,000,160
    DS (Namco MuseumDS) - Marathon - 3,499,980
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  2. 12-26-2019, 04:54 PM
    Hi, I have calculated that with the original software and hardware, it is impossible to get over 1.4million on arcade Arkanoid. I noticed on Hample's Youtube video the arcade game he used is not the original software. I have spreadsheets and other data analyzing the game. How can one get 1.6M on this game when it is not possible without leaching?
  3. 12-26-2019, 08:52 PM
    I've tried several times thru a mutual friend of Zack's, Darren Harris, to get Zack to try "Avalanche" on arcade/MAME as he would absolutely crush that one as well. Same for the "Super Breakout" title if he ever gave it a go, and also "Ghox" on MAME.

    Did Zack ever manage to get Guinness to recognize his ball catching record ? I remember him telling me many years back that there was an issue with this in terms of Zack's "definition" of catching balls at a ball park.

    I haven't seen him in a great many years...I hope all is well.
  4. 01-20-2020, 05:58 AM
    Hi, to get 1.6M on arcade Arkanoid, I calculated one would need a perfect game and kill 2500 'balloons' also. Is that really possible? I would love to see a video of a score like that. thanks Mike in NH
  5. 01-21-2020, 01:26 PM
    Wonder how many points can be scored on the first board with laser. Can you control the ball and keep shooting the balloons and keep scoring. Can you score a 100k or more. You could on every level point press and control that ball. Take the last stage, you get what is it 14k per life you have, well instead of doing that why not press on the earlier levels and see if you can score more than 14k. I'm guessing that with enough practice you could score more than 14k per life, maybe even 25k.
    This is something that I have been wanting to do but just haven't put in the time or effort.
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