Ned Troide did not Score the 50,999,975 on Defender Marathon I JJT Did in 81'

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  1. Ned Troide did not Score the 50,999,975 on Defender Marathon I JJT Did in 81'

    03-02-2016, 07:33 AM

    Ned Troide did not Score the 50,999,975 on Defender Marathon I JJT Did in 81'

    Defender 50,999,975 Ned Troide he is taking Credit of my 50,999,975 on Defender Marathon something I JJT did in 1981 at Grand Prix Race 'O' Ra-ma World Largest Arcade Game Room in Fort Lauderdale,Florida Ned Troide usually played at Cloverleaf Lanes near Adventura Mall

    Ned Did not do that Score I JJT did this at Grand Prix Race 'O' Ra-ma World Largest Arcade Game Room in Fort Lauderdale,Florida
    University Drive & State Road 84 Near the Florida Turn Pike in '81 it was open 24 hours I JJT Juan Torres Johnny lived a Half Mile Away I JJT I was there every Day.

    Ned came there Time to play and watch me play and Compete against me JJT I beat him at the Harder Difficulties & Bonuses Ned came by when I was just finishing my 50,999,975 Defender Marathon Game I JJT just finished I whooping it up and Celebrating my accomplishment I was tired to I JJT Johnny told him how long I JJT Played and what My Final Score was on Defender I told everybody there after that I went home and slept. Then I find this on the Internet Below I say to myself noway he Ned did this Score on Defender. At that Time I knew nothing about Twin Galaxies or Walter Day Gathering Arcade Game World Records Scores from all over the United States. Not Cool what he did. But that is life. Sa La Vie


    12-28-2002, 08:00 PM

    Did you know the following scores we on the TG scoreboard in 1982?

    Alpine Ski 254,587 Randy Edwards
    Amidar 18,210,100 Joe Barrett
    Asteroids 40,101,910 Leo Daniels
    Asteroids Deluxe 2,269,230 Leo Daniels
    Astroblaster 64,610 Phil Iaty
    Battlezone 12,009,000 Ken Chevalier
    Berzerk (Fast Bullets) 68,300 Joel West
    Bosconian 442,400 Peter Zemke
    Carnival 221,780 David Schooling
    Centipede 12,311,126 Mike Baird
    Crazy Climber 428,650 William Lee
    Defender 50,999,975 Ned Troide
    Dig Dug 6,198,490 Antonio Medina
    Donkey Kong 1,453,700 Steve Sanders
    Eliminator 527,900 Jim Benda
    Frenzy 1,897,821 Jay Bennett
    Frogger 442,330 Mark Robichek
    Galaga 7,857,090 Slate Thompson
    Galaxian 185,900 Glenn Tate
    Gorf 404,600 Peter Wrench
    Kangaroo 183,000 Scott Parr
    Looping 295,550 Charles Brown
    Lunar Lander 1,275 Mike Barnhart
    Make Trax 1,508,310 Walter Day
    Missile Command 72,547,630 Kevin Baughan
    Ms. Pacman 214,300 John Turner
    Omega Race 1,434,800 Steve Garrett
    Pacman 5,999,820 Sam Blackburn
    Pacman Deluxe 2,935,590 Eric Schwibs
    Phoenix 672,590 Orlando Funderburk
    Qix 1,166,604 Bill Camden
    Rally-X 120,450 Joel West
    Reactor 128,450 Antonio Medina
    Robotron 112,000,600 Eric Ginner
    Scramble 561,480 Dan Hummer
    Space Duel 375,920 David Covell
    Space Fury 222,590 Loren Hawkison
    Space Invaders 210,000 Ed Troide
    Star Castle 7,842,950 Ron McCoy
    Stargate 389,029 Dwyne Andrews
    Tempest 3,086,355 Leo Daniels
    Tron 3,195,329 Sterling Ouchi
    Vanguard 3,110,000 Scotty Williams
    Venture 148,850 Bobby Zier
    Warlords 583,750 Allen Toney
    Wizard of Wor 204,700 Mike Good
    Zaxxon 1,660,200 Robert Wykoff
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  2. 03-02-2016, 07:35 AM
    I wish I could go back in time and record that Defender Game with the knowledge I JJT Johnny Have now I would have called Walter Day with the Video Tape and stop Ned from taking Credit for my 50,999,975 Defender Marathon Score
  3. 03-02-2016, 11:39 PM
    Great/sad story but do you have any proof? Can anyone confirm your story? Is Ned willing to come clean?
    [Twitch: spectredk],[Youtube: spring79],[Twitter: @Sp3c7r3DK]
    aka Jacob Spring and Twin Galaxies Arcade World Record holder on Metal Slug Supervehicle-001
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  4. 03-03-2016, 06:30 AM
    How on earth did that happen!?
  5. 03-03-2016, 10:40 AM
    With No video or Referee and Not Knowing about Twin Galaxy or Walter Day there was very little I can do now and with the Twin Galaxy Rules now nothing can be done about it. It what is but it pissed me off that Ned did that to me when read it.

    I JJT Johnny Doubt Ned will fest up. like I said before if I JJT had a TIME MACHINE
    I could do something with the knowledge I JJT Johnny Have now I would have called Walter Day with the Video Tape and stop Ned from taking Credit for my 50,999,975 on Defender Marathon Score. Back to the Past like the Movie Back to the Future-2

    When I saw it on the Twin Galaxy Archive I thought to myself I JJT did 50,999,975 pts on Defender Marathon at Gran Prix Race 'O' Rama open 24 Hours Daily I JJT did in'81 I remember the events and knew for a Fact that Clover Leaf lanes Closes at 2 am on Friday and Saturday and I know for a Fact Ned did not do it at Gran Prix Race 'O' Ra-Ma because I JJT was their every day and playing Arcade Games in particular Defender and Stargate and I JJT Johnny would Check the Scores and talk to the People their that worked their. My opinion Ned had a tendency to exaggerate.

    I JJT Juan Torres Johnny been thinking about doing a Defender Marathon Live Stream this Summer from my apt or Recorded it at Home or at a Game Room.

    I thought to myself Grand Prix Race 'O" Ra-Ma World Largest Arcade in the 80's in Fort Lauderdale,Florida University Drive and State Road 84 Built like A Castle with a Go Kart Track in the Back and had a estimated 3,500 to 5,000 Arcade Games,Pinball and Redemption Machines in the Back Was the Only ARCADE GAME ROOM in South Florida that was OPEN 24 HOURS their was no-way Ned could have done it on top of that I live a half a mile away & like I JJT Johnny said before I was their every day for years. Gran Prix started in 1971 I believe with a few arcade game and pinball games and redemption machines plus a bike racing on a dirt track and Go Kart track that was it then.

    Their were Rows of 10 to 20 Defender,Pac Man,Ms Pac Man, Galaga, Robotron, Centipede,Donkey Kong etc. it was a Totally Awesome Site to see it was like being in Classic Arcade Game Heaven their never will be another one like it.

    Doris Self,Jack Gale,Stephan Krogman,Chris Ayra,Billy Mitchael,Steve Harris and Number of other noted players played their.

    Doris Self we called her Mrs. Q Bert she would play as you Know Q Bert late at night about midnight were their was less of a crowd we established a Friendship for years funny,fun articulate,Compassionate,family orientated she played bridge always smiling,kind and very competitive.

    I JJT John gave her First BIG Stuffed Q Bert that she always carried with her their were others I gave her and one she got for herself. I had hundreds of Stuff Animals,toys n things that I won from Gran Prix Race 'O' Ra-Ma. We would talk a lot about family,life n games she was a interesting and loving person to know Doris Self was like my Grandmother but most importantly a true Friend she lived in Margate. I was sadden when I heard she passed away because of a Accident.

    Bill and Chris would play Centipede,Millipede,Pac Man,Ms Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Kong Jr.,Burgertime, Tempest Bezerk and testing taking notes,
    analyze,disect andworking out patterns particularly Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.,Burgertime all throught out the week late at night. Chris had a sister went to the Universsity of Miami, he played a Don Carter lanes , Castle park, Billy Mitchael played at a small Game room off Griffin Road close to Hollywood High school in Hollywood, Florida.

    Later they had a Water Theme Park called Six Flags Atlantis off of IH-95 in the 80's for few I helped construct the slides and tested them out that was a Blast and Dangerous at Times & Fast and Exhilarating Experience

    Stephan Krogman loved playing Galaga ,and was great at many arcade games like Gyrus, and the different versions of Galaga to name a few

    Jack Gale came their Time to time to play he played at Clover Leaf Put Put Golf in Miami Jack now resides in California now.
    Jack Gale was one of the best overall Classic Arcade Game Players in south Florida besides the players I mentioned he played everything. Kung Fu Master,Punch Out,Super Punch Out, Hogans Alley etc. I scored higher but that is history.

    Steve Harris as you some Twin Galaxy members know was Co-Founder of Electronic Gaming Monthly he started as a video game writer for I believe was Video Game player magazine I am not really sure but played essentric games like Popeye and others testing out the arcade games and writing about them as well as writing about arcade game players.

    Their were a lot of game Developer that came their to Test their Arcade Games I tried out quite a few new Arcade Games their.
    I met Eugene Jarvis their , the Japanese Developers who created Pac Man, Ms Pac Man , Galaga, Donkey Kong their

    I am getting off track sorry about that Guys my bad I JJT Johnny need to stay on Topic
    Memory lane Revisited
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  6. 03-03-2016, 11:00 AM
    Unfortunately, no one will believe you unless you have proof. It's unlikely that this will be changed.

    Can we get Ned to come here and talk about this?
  7. 03-03-2016, 11:20 AM
    Doris Self would have been a witness she watched me JJT play Defender for hours before she had to leave before day light like a airline stewardess getting ready for a flight but as Twin Galaxy members know she passed away by Car Accident in 2006 she was their rooting me on when she came their late at night to play Q Bert giving me some refreshments,encouragement and watching my game when I went to the bathroom. Their people that worked their to that saw me play for over 2 days 50 hours plus I played pretty much without breaks which was hard, tiring, hungry at times, sore, hands,feet,eyes, leggs and sitting on a stool at times it gets to you after 24 hours you are not comfortable trying to find a comfort position. I play 10 hours straight no breaks then Eat and Drink liquids orange Juice-Water Milk to coat my stomach through a straw, a cup chicken soup n chilli that some people would give me to eat and candy bars a , stretch out while at 990,000 which gave me time to do that. see Sundown and Sun up it was weird feeling seeing and seeing Players and workers come and go saying Hi and Bye and Giving me encouragement every time they came by to not quit you can do it My go Goal was 50 million plus 999,975 so I JJT can be on the Defender Score Board top 10

    Quote Originally Posted by spectre View Post
    Great/sad story but do you have any proof? Can anyone confirm your story? Is Ned willing to come clean?
  8. 03-03-2016, 11:26 AM
    Here are the Current Listing

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    572,999,97591.28%Ned Troide1982-10-15Referee
    652,151,45065.21%Jeff Manfroi1982-09-04Referee
    749,367,75061.73%Marvin Pete Norton1982-03-08Referee
    848,955,30061.21%Scott Dixon1982-12-05Referee
    942,335,22552.93%Dale Rees1982-09-29Referee
    1035,295,37544.13%Chris Wichman1982-06-16Referee
  9. 03-03-2016, 11:43 AM
    This is just information I got from the internet Please do no Miss Construed this information. The Person did their time that is Past let that go.

    Twin Galaxies Forum
    > TWIN GALAXIES MAIN FORUM AREA > General Discussion > Chasing Ghosts/LIFE Picture Contestants Question

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    03-15-2010, 09:46 PM

    Hi, I have just recently seen Chasing Ghosts, which led me to become interested in the people in the LIFE photo from 1983. I noticed that Chasing Ghosts included some people that hadn't even been in the original photo, like Robert Murczek, Todd Rogers, and Kent Farries. Meanwhile, guys like Todd Walker and Mark Robichek, who were part of the documentary, were absent from the reunion photo (I'm assuming they weren't able to make the trip and that the Chasing Ghosts guys went to them).

    I guess I'm more interested in the guys who weren't in the documentary at all. Eric Ginner was one of the absentees that I was able to dig up some info on, but information on Jeff Brandt, Michael Buck, Jeff Landin, Mike Lepkosky, and Doug Nelson is scarce. Anyone know what these guys are doing now? I'm assuming the answer is that they all got real jobs and stopped playing video games in the mid 80's like the rest of them.

    I found out that Ned Troide, the Defender wr holder, probably went to jail for 20 years for attempted murder and rape! Can anyone confirm this for me? Was Troide a big time player in the early 80s? I can't find anything on him but a single story about a Palm Harbor man named Ned Troide being convicted sometime in the mid 80's, and some postmodern artist using his name as inspiration for some art furniture.

    I figured this place would be the best place to get answers to my questions. I am assuming there are still a smattering of old school gamers who frequent these boards.

    03-15-2010, 09:53 PM

    I'm friends with Robichek on Facebook... I can always ask him your question. I'd heard Ginner declined participation.

    03-15-2010, 11:42 PM

    Sweet. Any information you could get for me would be helpful.

    06-21-2010, 04:38 PM

    Yes I can confirm that the man in Palm Harbor and Defender World Record holder are one and the same, you can find the article in the St Pete Times Forum ... atl=google (

    Unfortunately the St. Pete times has changed their ways, Archived stuff is no longer for free.

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  10. 03-03-2016, 12:16 PM
    God bless Doris Self, She looked like a lovely lady on The King of Kong. I was so sad to see at the end of the film/documentary that she had passed. I never knew it was a car accident though. How sad.

    May she rest in peace and set new Q bert records in that great arcade in the sky.

    As for you jjt, I think Steve Wiebe's friend said it best "Absolutely, go kick some ass". Time for you to get back on defender and beat your old record!
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