I have some bad news for mod chip users, maybe everdrive too?

  1. 03-03-2021, 07:26 AM
    Just on the topic of piracy on these legacy consoles I take issue with real quick: sure we could play old nes and snes games on wiiVC or switch, but if you want to play on original hardware (which most of us want to do) there really is no piracy at risk. Buying used games doesn't pay Nintendo, just as downloading roms doesn't feed them either.

    I hate piracy. But I think when we're talking 30 year old consoles that the original manufacturer isn't producing anymore, it's pretty fair to say Nintendo (sega/sony/etc) has squeezed them for all their worth on those original sets and have moved on to their newer machines.

    I do personally collect and own all my original hardware and software (thousands of original carts), but I do my runs on powerpak with powermappers downloaded so I can conveniently load save states and practice areas of concern with being able to jump right back to a reset and run without getting up every time (and I'm a perfectionist who does a ton of resets).

    Every game I've done this way, even my favorite Gargoyles Quest 2, all have the exact same issues and slowdowns and bugs as the original carts. Theres zero difference.

    I don't know much about arcade cabs so I won't comment on that, nor will I comment on modded psx or xbox because I don't use them or have any, but the flashcarts are no different and have been tested extensively across many many game leader board sites.
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