Nintendo 3DS - Mario Kart 7 - Daisy Hills (Fastest Race) - 01:50.786 - Roald Podevyn

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  1. Nintendo 3DS - Mario Kart 7 - Daisy Hills (Fastest Race) - 01:50.786 - Roald Podevyn

    03-15-2016, 08:21 AM
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    Daisy Hills (Fastest Race)
    Score Track
    [COLOR="#333333"]Time Trials
    Character: Any[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#333333"]Vehicle: Any[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#333333"]Your time will be the time displayed in game upon successfully completing the race.
    No replays.[/COLOR]
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    hate this course...
    ty for watching
  2. 03-17-2016, 04:33 AM
    here some info on the track:
    My 3ds is set to Dutch.
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  3. 03-17-2016, 07:38 AM

    Daisy Hills Race Starts at 1:11

    Daisy Hills Is Selected at :45 you can see it at the Top & Hills is in Dutch Settings Begin at :29 to :49 of the video

    Nintendo 3DS - Mario Kart 7 - Daisy Hills (Fastest Race) - 01:50.786 Final Time is at 3:04 & at 3:10 of the video

  4. 03-17-2016, 08:03 AM
    Daisy Hills is the second track of the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart 7. The track's name alludes to Princess Daisy and it is located in a village surrounded by green hills, mountains and fields with flowers, and goats can be seen in some parts of the course. It strongly resembles an iconic Austrian landscape.


    Course layout

    Peach, gliding to land in the village.

    The race starts in the village. There are Miis cheering on the racers and some houses, then there is a turn to the left and the road leaves the village. There is a wooden bridge connected to a small island, then another bridge that rises and goes onto another island. This one has some trick ramps made of trunks, some goats[1] and a trick ramp in the middle of the grass
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