Explosive-Tipped Arrows vs. M67 Frag Grenades

  1. Explosive-Tipped Arrows vs. M67 Frag Grenades

    04-26-2016, 11:08 AM
    Many of my friends that play Battle Royales consistently seem to be on the edge of which is better as far as killing enemies that are behind cover or hidden during mid-late game. Because of this I'd like to make a personal Pros / Cons list on each weapon, and get some different feedback on which you guys think is better. Let me start with explosive tipped arrows.

    -The amount of explosions you can produce with arrows in a short amount of time is much superior to grenades.
    -The recurve bow / crossbow can allow less time for enemies to react to the explosions than grenades. (explodes faster)
    -Because of previous pro, can attempt to hit vehicles that are moving with explosive-tips. (even though it takes 3 direct hits to a full durability vehicle to blow it up.)

    -Less damage than grenades
    -Occasionally will do 0 damage even though it feels like it connects or should've done damage
    -Takes approximately 3 arrows to blow up a full condition vehicle (direct hits)
    -No kill awarded to you
    -Requires you to hold recurve bow / crossbow in weapon slots.

    Now let me move to the pros and cons of grenades.

    -Much superior damage
    -Consistent with damage and hit registration
    -Easier to find than explosive-tipped arrows
    -Allows for the interchange of grenades or weapons. (can store grenades in backpack to open up a weapon slot.)
    -Ability to throw from behind cover (over cover or bounce off walls etc.)

    -More time to blow up. (To abuse this, however, you can use grenades to make an enemy move from their cover, and then proceed to shoot them with AR/AK/whatever)
    -Harder to aim than explosive-tips
    -Doesn't go as far as explosive-tips can go.

    So, in conclusion, I believe that M67 Frag Grenades are better than explosive tips. The accessibility and convenience of grenades are a major factor of it, but I believe that the consistency and damage of grenades are really what decide it for me. Even though explosive-tips have been feared and intimidating for most of it's existence, post-nerf I believe that the tips just don't do it for me anymore. Also keep in mind that this post is excluding molotovs due to it being quite a different weapon. (less range / burn damage opposed to burst/ goes through walls) Please provide feedback and opinions on this, as I am open to new perspectives.
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