YOlympics2016, PuzzleMadness2016, CrapTournament7 here?

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  1. YOlympics2016, PuzzleMadness2016, CrapTournament7 here?

    05-18-2016, 05:51 PM
    Hi all!

    It seems TG has two similar forums now.
    The newest one is more related to the http://tournaments.twingalaxies.com/ page, however I think they have almost the same goal.
    Anyway, after TG_NES_Rematch tournament, we have other 3 competitions (YOlympics2016, PuzzleMadness2016, CrapTournament7) that were not mentioned in the newest forum.


    Suggestions? Options?
    1) Move all threads and keep only one forum;
    2) Create a post in the new forum relating to the 3 competitions threads of the old forum (and continue doing this in the future?);
    3) Keep the old forum there, move the recent threads (3 competitions) from there to the new forum. And all the future competitions held in the Tournaments.TG area would be placed threads in the new forum.

    Other ideas?
    Metroid Team, from Brazil
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