Top Ten Hardest Arcade Games (Take 2)

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  1. Top Ten Hardest Arcade Games (Take 2)

    07-20-2016, 10:48 PM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    Several years ago I started a poll asking interested players what they felt were the all-time hardest classic arcade games.

    Here is the originating thread, and post #24 is the highest version of the results -

    Just recently the following link was sent to my attention, and a good number of the titles appear on both lists, though not necessarily ranked the same -

    No matter who participates, everyone's perspective of what constitutes "hardest" differs. My personal opinion is that there are three categories of "hardest"...

    (A) - those titles which some still find hard even though many have since mastered it ("Donkey Kong")
    (B) - those titles which are so hard that only a few people have mastered it ("Carnival")
    (C) - those titles which are so incredibly hard that no one has ever truly mastered it (no one has ever cleared the 2nd stage of expert mode on "Turbo Sub", for example...compounded by the fact that there are only like 3 machines in existence)

    Here are my current personal top 10 hardest titles from the classic arcade roster, in no particular order, based on what I have since learned about how hard some titles actually are...

    Super Zaxxon
    Super Galaxian
    Major Havoc
    Crazy Climber
    Rip Off
    Rip Cord

    You are probably wondering about that last title. This rare game was in NYC for about 2-3 months back in the day, and in all that time not one single person ever managed to clear stage 1. Granted not many people actually played the game, but of the few that did not one person reached stage 2.

    However, as this title is so exceedingly rare and obscure, it is fair to mention that my alternative choice would be "Turbo Sub" based on what I stated a bit earlier.
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  2. 07-21-2016, 01:35 AM
    I'd like to add Moon Shuttle and Qix to your above list Rob. ?


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  3. 07-21-2016, 05:41 AM
    I had a "Top 25" list in that thread as well...I think both made that cut. "Moon Shuttle" is a particular nuisance as I doubt I will live to see the day when someone breaks 50K on this one, same for "Cosmic Guerilla".

    As with any compiled list, it's progressively tougher when it is narrowed down to just 10 or even 5 titles. With 1800+ classic arcade games choosing 10 is tough...even 25 is not without some close calls.
  4. 09-21-2016, 07:19 PM
    Such a subjective thing to answer,though. Kong,pattern-like,but too much randomness to call it that.
    I didn't like pattern games in the past,playing Burgertime for a week now,and understand the difficulty. one mess-up,it's over.
    Make Trax(Crush Roller). So simple. So hard. Umm(scratching head...). Spiders is pretty tough.
    But Make Trax makes me feel dumb,haha. 400,000+ on kong,and can't clear four levels with two Betta fish chasing me...
    Weird game.
  5. 11-25-2016, 06:37 PM
    These would be in my Top 10:

    Make Trax
    Berzerk (fast bullets)
    Super Zaxxon
    Front Line
    Lunar Lander

    I may be biased on a few because I am actually good at some of them. :)
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  6. 12-18-2016, 07:27 PM
    Bagman and Super Bagman
  7. 12-26-2016, 10:12 AM
    I would add Stargate and Defender.

    I see people playing endlessly, makes me question my own mortality.
    "May the Heavy Hand spare you" -- Datagod 1:19
    ~~ Strongest Punch on Twin Galaxies ~~

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  8. 12-26-2016, 10:56 AM
    defender is brutal, at least for a beginner like me -- which brings us to yet another metric. we already know some games are harder on memoriatin, versus reflexes, versus strategy. But in additon to that, the way difficulty rises through levels, some games are extra hard on early levels, but in the end levels dont increase in difficult all that much, whereas other games are super easy for beginner and then get brutal. As a result, a beginner may think one game is harder, but then when more time is put in change his/her mind and think a different game is harder.

    Defender is definitely one of the most difficult games for a beginner. Hard to just clear level 1. I dont know if its hard/easy for an expert, but i know for a beginner its shockingly hard. Centipede I would classify as pretty difficult from someone who's between beginner and expert.
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  9. 01-10-2017, 03:25 PM
    Catacomb, MTM, 1982.
    Never heard of it?
    Yeah, there's no score track here either.
    Seriously, you CAN'T fit between the tunnels...
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