PC - H1Z1 - Battle Royale [Fastest Win - Solo] - 33:27.099 - Boston_tom

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  1. PC - H1Z1 - Battle Royale [Fastest Win - Solo] - 33:27.099 - Boston_tom

    08-16-2016, 10:16 PM

    Battle Royale [Fastest Win - Solo]
    Goal is to win a Battle Royale as fast as possible on a Regular server, solo play.

    Official time starts at the moment the parachute sequence begins.
    Official time ends when final "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" kill statistics dialog box is displayed.

    Complete recording of video performance is REQUIRED as part of evidence submission.

    Special note:
    This game is a MMO which means it is client/server based. Therefore a PC boot up or program launch sequence is not required as part of video evidence as it is not possible for the client side player to alter the remote company game server that is being logged into.

    Use of a "cheat" program that might be loaded to gain player advantage on the client side which tries to present the client player with more visual information than they would normally receive from the game, or alter client side transmission data to the server for more favorable results is BANNED AND ANY SUBMITTER FOUND TO BE DOING THIS TYPE OF ACTIVITY WILL BE BANNED!

    For instance:
    Use of an "ESP" program that allows the client player to "see" the locations of other players, when they should not be able to.
    Use of an "Auto-Aim" program that automatically detects opponents critical areas and guarantees that every bullet fired hits those targets.
    Use of a "clipping" program that allows a player to move through walls or teleport themselves across the map instantaneously where it should not be possible.

    These kinds of cheat enhancements are easily seen and detected by watching a video performance. They are in fact, quite obvious.

    Finally, for H1Z1, a Battle Royale game officially starts when the parachute sequence begins.
    Submission Message
    This was caught on live stream at Twitch.tv/boston_Tom
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  2. 08-25-2016, 09:06 PM
    BUMP THIS!!!
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  4. 09-29-2016, 05:41 PM

    Tom it is Not Required But Try Having a Digital Timer so Twin Galaxy Members Adjudicate & Can See While you Are playing or Get a Game Timer Program that Can Be Seen on your Video Game Submission.

    your Looking at Months of being in the Submission Review Que Trying to Help

    PC - H1Z1 - Battle Royale [Fastest Win - Solo] - 33:27.099 - Tom Appleton

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