Android - X-Runner - Points - 2,453,108 - Matthew Felix

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  1. Android - X-Runner - Points - 2,453,108 - Matthew Felix

    09-10-2016, 10:16 PM
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    You may not use any items for your attempt.
    You may upgrade any of your power ups
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    Starts at 6:55

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  2. 09-27-2016, 07:21 PM

    X-Runner Game Starts at 6:56 of the video

    Android - X-Runner - Points - 2,453,108 Final Score is at 12:55 to 13:05 of the video

  3. 09-27-2016, 07:26 PM

    Runner for Android and have fun with the game!
    1. Stay in the middle and jump a lot. Most of the obstacles that you will encounter can be jumped over and you risk the least staying in the middle and jumping.
    2. Actually, this should be your way of avoiding most obstacles and you should jump all the time. Later on when the speed of the game increases and there are those “dead ends” jumping can save you from dying. So try to get used to jump a lot and guide the character in the air.

    3. Collect coins! Usually, most of the endless runner games don’t care that much about collecting coins, but in X-Runner these are used to unlock special abilities and give you bonuses, so your main goal should be that of getting as many possible coins per run as possible.
    4. Therefore, the first upgrades that you purchase should be those of the Magnet, because it gives you a lot more coins.
    5. According to what I saw in the game, this should be the order to focus on upgrades: Magnet first, Invincibility second, Invisibility, Double coins and only then the Mega Coin.
    6. Try to ignore the Items that give you sprint bonuses because they are usually just a waste of valuable coins. Use them only when you want to beat your own high scores and nothing else.
    7. Learn the icons for the power-ups because they are really important and some achievements can only be unlocked after getting the same type of power-up in a row. Also, it’s best to tell the magnet from invincibility unless you want the next wall to be stronger than you.
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