Vectrex - Spike - NTSC/PAL - Points - 28,000 - Jason Bennett

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  1. Vectrex - Spike - NTSC/PAL - Points - 28,000 - Jason Bennett

    09-30-2016, 08:24 PM

    NTSC/PAL - Points
    Score Track
    An ORIGINAL Vectrex controller MUST be used for all submissions.
    After advancing a few levels, leeching points could become an issue - If it looks like you're intentionally point leeching, your score WILL be disqualified!
    BANNED TACTIC: Getting yourself stuck between the cage and the right side of the screen, resulting in a large amount of points.
    Submission Message
    Spike for the Vectrex

    Score: 28000
    Score achieved on 30 September 2016
    Run begins at 9:06
    Despite my best efforts to create a make-shift stand, the camera and associated video shakes as I use the Vertex controller on the table. It seems to be amplified a little by the vector graphics. Keeping the video at a size smaller than full size may help minimize some of the motion.

    Thanks for watching!

    Name:  JB_Spike_screen.jpg
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  2. 09-30-2016, 08:56 PM
    No problem here. You were advancing, not leeching at all. As the person who wrote the rules, all is fine by me.

    Fun game. Gets crazy pretty quick. MOLLY! :D

    Well played...Accepted!
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  3. 09-30-2016, 09:06 PM
    great game :) :) lovin' it! accepted
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  4. 09-30-2016, 09:53 PM
    Good submission and great playing. Congrats on a new record, accepted.

    MOLLY! I actually miss this game now.
    john m brissie
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  5. 10-01-2016, 05:01 AM

    Spike Run Starts at 9:17 of the video

    Vectrex - Spike - NTSC/PAL - Points - 28,000 Final Score is at 13:43 of the video

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  6. 10-01-2016, 05:05 AM

    s girlfriend Molly has been kidnapped by his evil nemesis Spud! Spike must rescue her while climbing ladders, jumping platforms, and avoiding the denizens that are out to cause Spike's demise in this pseudo 3-D platformer.




    Spike starts out at the bottom of the game screen. There are three sets of platforms that he must climb to make it to the top to reach Molly. The platforms move from side to side and Spike must place ladders as the player(s) feel fit will best help him make it from one level of platforms to the next.
    The first level has no enemies (except if Spike falls to the ground below); Spike must climb ladders to get the key, and then once he makes it to the top, he can move Molly's cage and then jump into it to save her with. Unfortunately Spud immediately recaptures Molly, and with level two, Bouncers are introduced, which bounce up and down while moving from one side to another on a row of platforms; once the Bouncer reaches a screen edge, they will reappear at the next level of platforms. Spike must either avoid or kick the Bouncers away, but Molly's bow also starts appearing on this level and makes it's way to the bottom of the screen; if Spike is able to grab it, it will freeze the Bouncer for a short time.
    Then on the third level, Birds start appearing, and then Bouncers start joining them as well afterwards. The platforms will also change size (alternating between large and small), the enemies and platforms will move quicker, and the platforms will also change direction each time Spike kicks an enemy if the player makes it far enough into the game.
    Spike will lose a life if he falls through the spaces in between all platforms to the ground below (also, if Spike reaches the edge of a screen and the platform he is on is pushing him into the edge, he will be pushed off onto the ground below) or gets touched by an enemy and the game will end when he runs out of lives. An extra life is awarded with every 10,000 points.

    Spike (character)

    1-2 players alternating


    Menu screen

    • Choose from one or two player game--button one
    • Start game--button four

    In-game controls

    • Move Spike--joystick or D-pad (four directions)
    • Move ladder/cage--button one
    • Kick left--button two
    • Kick right--button three
    • Jump--button four


    • Kicking a Bouncer--100 points
    • Kicking a Bird--200 points
    • Collecting a Key--500 points
    • Opening Molly's Cell--2000 points

    , leaving the majority of the game elements

  • 10-01-2016, 05:50 AM
    Oh man, odes that gave actually voice!!!! I can believe the dog talked!

    This and altered beast, young kids these days will never understand how amazing it was to hear the voice.
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  • 10-01-2016, 05:51 AM
    also, accepted. You dont use the explicitly outlawed cage glitch. "Leeching" can be vague, but I dont think what you're doing meets anyone's definition of leeching.
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  • 10-01-2016, 09:25 AM
    The voice definitely makes for memorable "cut scenes"! I am a tad grateful that the extended cut scene that precedes the first two stages is basically condensed into one. That said, part of me wondered if they should have kept the full version all the way through since I imagine the voice was a pretty big part of the game's development.


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  • 10-01-2016, 09:30 AM
    Sorry, can't edit my reply above

    I was mistaken -- the extended cut scene only precedes the second stage -- it's the first time it depicts Molly's rescue where she says "OH SPIKE" and Spike's rejoinder "MOLLY" before she is dragged away again, where she repeats the dialogue from the first screen: "EEK! SPIKE! HELP!" with Spike replying "OH NO! MOLLY!" After stage three, they eliminate the "EEK!" sequence.
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