Arcade gameplay recording requirements at a venue

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  1. Arcade gameplay recording requirements at a venue

    10-04-2016, 08:13 AM
    Hi All --

    Not too long ago I posted a 66k on Pole Position which I ended up personally cancelling due to unfulfilled requirements for the submission. Thanks again for your feedback on that. My promise in that thread was to get a better recording for you all. I plan on going to Funspot in November to make some new attempts, and will record in full this time. I have a couple questions now to ensure I prep properly for November.

    1. The machine at Funspot will already be on. Do I need to film it being turned on/off? I ask this because Pole Position will require me to make many attempts.
    2. As long as I get the full gameplay, scoreboard, and dip switches/hardware, that should be good, right?
    3. For the gameplay footage, as long as the camera has a good view of the gameplay within the cockpit that should be good right?
    4. Is it OK that Funspot plays music over the radio in the background?

    I am trying to dot my "I"s and cross all of my "T"s here.

    Looking forward to getting you all something good.
  2. 10-05-2016, 06:28 AM
    This is my personal opinion so hopefully other will chime in too.

    1. Video showing the machine being booted will be a plus. I've seen people set a score and then show the board/dips and the turn off/on the machine.

    2. Yes. I'd imagine other will demand to see the bootup of the machine though.

    3. Clear view of the screen with visible score counter, time and laptimes. Zoom it back a little so the controls are in view too.

    4. Music shouldn't be a problem as the video will, I assume, be uploaded to Twin Galaxies and they don't abide by the same copyright rules as, for example, YouTube.
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  3. 10-05-2016, 06:38 AM
    I think spectre covered it, but there is one complexity (which favors you) and that is some people hold certain aracdes to a lower standard due to trust. At fun spot for example, plenty of people will say "its fun spot, we trust them, he doesnt need to show the bootup". I have a problem with this logic not just as a matter or principle, but as a matter of practice. As a matter of principle its seems unfair to treat some arcades as more worthy than others. As a matter of practice, even if funspot were more trustworthy, how many people really know that? How many adjudicators really know enough about funspt to say "yeah i go there all the time, played all their machines, saw their boards, its good". Most adjudicators will have to either abstain, or just go with the flow. So its not just unfair to other arcades, its unfair to adjudicators as well. I'd like to see funspot treated the same way as any other arcade and with the same level of evidence that any adjudicator can handle.
  4. 10-05-2016, 09:35 AM
    Yeah, Spectre has answered everything, I think. I just like to emphasise: depending on the cockpit environment it can get a little cramped but make sure the view of the screen is unobstructed - that's the primary evidence source & things like the timer & laps can be gleaned from the footage even if you're unable to get to the dips in the same shot sequence.

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  5. 10-06-2016, 04:33 AM
    I would recommend talking to Gary Vincent, who runs ACAM and works at Funspot. He may be busy and not able to help, but it doesn't hurt to try, he's very nice. Let him know that you are working on a world record and ask if it would be possible to open the machine to show dips, if you should achieve your score.

    I'm inclined to agree with some of the others - even in a well-known arcade, show dips and everything if at all possible. The Funspot machines are not always on the correct settings, so double check!
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