Annual November Trip to ACAM #14

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  1. Annual November Trip to ACAM #14

    11-21-2016, 07:26 AM
    Got back yesterday from my annual trip to Funspot and the American Classic Arcade Museum.

    A few good scores came from the event, but some will only be Aurcade submissions as not all were recorded.

    Steve Wagner - new WR on "Turbo"
    Jay Cameron - 2.1M on "1943"
    Graham Ogilvie - 66,060 on "Pole Position"
    Robbie Lakeman - 161K on "The End" using the no-brick trick discovered by John McCalister
    Myself - 1.5M on "Pandora's Palace" and for the first time ever I walked away from a WR in-progress as I had a dinner commitment

    There were a few other great scores here and there but I did not write them down.

    Jason Cram won Dave Nelson's annual ski-ball challenge with a score of 350, his 5th win in a row, but he almost lost his crown as another gamer rolled a 400 and 410 but opted not to use those for his final performance, and according to Dave's own rules they did not count.

    All in all, about 25 or so gamers showed up both local and from abroad. Same time next year if all goes well.
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  2. 11-21-2016, 07:30 AM
    Sounds awesome!

    What is this "no-brick" trick in The End you mentioned, never heard of it?
  3. 11-21-2016, 10:32 AM
    Had a blast as always. All the games were in such good shape as well. Was great to see all my friends again and in a much more relaxed environment than a competition. Looking forward to next year already.

    Also a few more excellent scores to add to Robert's list above that I had the pleasure of verifying.

    Mike Sao Pedro - 178,990 on Armored Car (new WR)
    David Nelson - 108,510 on Speed Buggy (Off Road Track)
    Brendan O'Dowd - 2,845,240 on 1943
    Steve Wagner - Most Ommegang Hennepins consumed
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  4. 11-21-2016, 06:04 PM
    Was unaware of the new WR on "Armored Car". Nice one, MSP !!

    The streak remains unbroken...14 straight November vacations at ACAM where at least one attendee set a new arcade WR. May not sound too impressive, but consider that typically only 20-25% of the attendees of the annual event are there in November.

    I also set a new personal best which I do not wish to top next year...6 slices of Funspot pizza. At my age that was not a good idea, a salad would have been a better choice :)
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