Diddy Kong Racing (N64) - TG WR vs YT Best

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  1. Diddy Kong Racing (N64) - TG WR vs YT Best

    12-20-2016, 08:50 PM
    I was watching some YouTube videos of gaming performances when one in particular caught my eye from the N64 title "Diddy Kong Racing" which TG held a contest for during the Summer Console Challenge event of 2001.

    I watched four videos, each of which pretty much demolished the existing TG records. These were accomplished on some of the speediest tracks and are very impressive to watch, especially the first one ("Jungle Falls", fastest race) which is a full 4 seconds faster than the existing TG WR !!

    There are others to watch but these are the most enjoyable.

    - Jungle Falls (FULL)
    TG - 42.88
    YT - 38.81

    - Ancient Lake (LAP-PARTIAL)
    TG - 13.78
    YT - 12.96

    - Frosty Village (LAP-PARTIAL)
    TG - 23.06
    YT - 20.56

    - Whale Bay (FULL)
    TG - 54.90
    YT - 51.46
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