NTSC - Free Practice - The Donington Park Race Circuit [Europe Donington Park] [Fastest Lap]
Score Trackhttps://www.twingalaxies.com/scores.php?scores=119984
RulesNo pausing permitted. Fastest lap from Free Practice. Any team, driver and car selection may be used. Player may freely set the number of laps and weather conditions.
Submission MessageHi Gamers,
Here is the video for my attempt at a new record for the Fastest Lap on the Donington Park track. The game and machine are at the beginning and the options are at 1:48 which have no affect on free run game play. The attempt is lap 2 at 7:26.
Thanks for watching and voting.
Misc times: free run at 3:18, track select at 4:08.

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