iOS - Crossy Road - Points - 1,133 - ron weston

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  1. iOS - Crossy Road - Points - 1,133 - ron weston

    01-08-2017, 10:32 AM

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    So, well done @spectre in keeping this Track interesting by giving me a break from being champ over Christmas.

    Anyway goodwill to all men but there's only one crossy road 'Top Gun', and while style of play isn't the most important thing, it helps when you have both this and the best score - I tried to throw in some entertainment on the run (some might call it jammy close shaves... )

    I'll be straight I found it very very hard to get this score. Not helped by the the app crashing quite often on my iPad, and the 'in app' recording software loses its way if I get a text/notification or call during a game - ie, I forget to switch the device to 'Flight mode'

    I have scored higher (yeah i don't mind if you don't believe that) but alas no recording to prove it; frustrating but my problem, so now I'm now using xmirage to record my play direct from an iPad mini over wifi, however no sound I'm afraid.
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