'Up'n Down" (Sega 1983) - Three (3) Hidden Game Secrets

  1. 'Up'n Down" (Sega 1983) - Three (3) Hidden Game Secrets

    01-13-2017, 06:03 PM
    Most players of this title are aware of an "easter egg" whereby if you finish the first four (4) stages within a certain completion time that "Pengo" makes an appearance riding a surfboard. It does, specifically in the water where the three large vertical ramps to climb. I've included a sample of this spot below though not with "Pengo" as I cannot duplicate this via WolfMAME.

    However, I have discovered three (3) MORE hidden gems in the game...a checkered-flag car which, if you catch it, can immediately end the wave, and two more cartoons in the game...a purple monster and an orange worm.

    Links to see each are below. The monsters appearing bring you no extra points, but if I could figure out what triggers the checkered flag-car that would be useful.Name:  upnd0000.png
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    - capturing the checkered flag

    - the "Orange Worm"

    - the "Purple Monster"
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  2. 01-14-2017, 03:38 AM
    Hi Rob. Thanks for posting the vids. Interesting stuff. You had to work to get that flag car, for a moment it looked like he would get away from you.

    I wonder if there is more stuff to be found?


  3. 01-14-2017, 06:02 AM
    Hi John:

    Glad you liked the vids. Still to be "found"...

    -> What is the catalyst for the checkered-flag car to come out, and in what stage(s) can it be found ?
    -> Can "Pengo" be found in WolfMAME ? (likely not but it's bizarre that it can be found in the arcade yet I cannot duplicate via emulator)
    -> As you said, what else is out there to be found ? (there are more holes in the ground and patches of land where something has yet to be found yet in stages higher than 12)


    ADDENDUM (1/22/17) - could not add an enclosure to my reply to amending my previous post this thread.

    Had an awesome start moments ago...but it fizzled in the very next wave. What a shame :(
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