Xbox 360 - new tracks - when should they be region code separated?

  1. Xbox 360 - new tracks - when should they be region code separated?

    01-21-2017, 09:38 PM
    Hi gamers,
    Before I start creating 360 tracks I need to know should I be creating NTSC and PAL tracks or are they considered the same now?

    There are Xbox 360 tracks created by Twin Galaxies that ARE separated by region. Revenge

    so I am tempted to do that for mine so it's consistent and hopefully will be available for GWR status.

    I could also invest more time before creating them and compare both versions to be sure there are differences. I will be using the composite 50Hz output for the games in PAL.

    Any thoughts about which way to go? Maybe these should be determined on a game by game basis.

    There are currently a few that have no region code which were created by members for Test Drive Unlimited, Forza 3, 4, and Horizon.

  2. 02-05-2017, 06:24 AM
    Hi John,

    The choice is always in the hands of the variation creator. There was a move in 2009 to try to prevent the split for Xbox 360/PS3/Wii where possible. The old criteria for if a Xbox 360 should be split was whether the game has regional differences (like music choices per region).

    From a hardware view point, most PAL Xbox 360s natively offer PAL (50Hz), PAL-60, HDMI 50Hz and HDMI 59.9xHz. Many games for the PAL region even remove the PAL (50Hz) as a possibility - forcing Standard Def at PAL-60 (even when PAL (50Hz) is chosen).

    HTH. :)
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