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  1. - Michael Sroka

    02-02-2017, 02:19 PM
    Settle It on the Screen is looking for contestants to play video games and actually "Settle It on the Screen". The main central idea behind our show that we still have not done yet.

    What we are looking for are gamers who can stream gameplay via twitch and participate in Skype audio call at the same time. During our regular broadcast time of 10PM EST. We are planning on setting up head to head competitions on multiple platforms. MAME, EMU of classic consoles, NES, SNES, PC, GEN, ATARI, Flashbacks systems, N64, Dreamcast, PS?, XBOXs, etc. Prizes will be available.

    So please send me a message to me here on TG, if you would like to be a contestant on Settle It on the Screen. Also include a decent list of the platforms and generic games you could broadcast to twitch in good quality.

    We will have more details on format of competitions soon.

    Also remember to please watch us every weeknight at 10PM est at

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