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  1. Cosmic Alien

    02-04-2017, 08:06 AM
    You play one game?
    This game has a very nice cabinet.
    I decided to beat the world record in this game :-)
  2. 02-06-2017, 06:22 AM
    Good luck going for the WR on this one. I forget where the highest score resides (arcade, MAME, MARP) but I believe someone has reached mid-high 600K range.

    The game is patternable and there are in fact two "starting patterns" once you reach the 5th stage but until the enemies start to "shift" based on proximity to your shots, those patterns are subject to deviation.

    The key to the game occurs after the first several seconds once you've taken out 8 or so enemy ships above (I'm assuming that you are shooting as many as possible in formation save for the squadrons) and the waves can be divided into four (4) distinct sections, each lasting only a few seconds save for the last.

    Phase 1 - opening seconds where you can take out approx 8 enemies, usually on one side to centralize enemy movement potential

    Phase 2 - opening enemy attacks, a few enemies followed by a squadron at some point. Typically an opportunity presents itself to selectively let one enemy pass by thus protecting your position on the opposite side of the screen

    Phase 3 - a few seconds to take out some enemy ships settling into place in formation as those ships cannot attack you while settling in, then cleaning up the rest save for the squadrons

    Phase 4 - at this point just two squadrons should remain...whether they each have 3 flagships depends on whether you had any errant shots in the earlier part of the stage. The choice is whether to go for both 2400's or just 1 of the 2 which is by far the easier tactic. A MARP player and I swapped tactics awhile back...he started using my opening pattern and then perfected it, and now he is way better than I am.

    He goes for both but the timing is critical to nail the first 2400. If you miss then it is only worth 600 which is a major loss. The safer approach is to take out the RIGHT squadron first and pegging one of the flagships so as to leave an easy 1200 point command ship. Then take out the remaining two flagships thus saving the left squadron for the easy 2400.

    COMMAND SHIPS - there are several methods to getting the 2400 points. One of the easiest involves pre-shooting before the squadron launches and taking out one of the three as they launch. Then peg the other two before the command ship goes past you to return to the top of the screen. And while it is solo at this point it is very easy to see. Watch where the command ship is before it starts by moving to the RIGHT after each time it settles in (and if you take too long to end the wave it starts to reverse to the left).

    Each time it settles back up top it shifts one column over, and you can use the letters/numbers up top as guidelines. It tends to settle inbetween the characters up top so it makes it easy to know where it will re-appear...just throw a shot up (get the timing right) for an easy 2400 at the end of each round.

    Good luck...this is a great variation of classic "Galaxian" which came first.
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  3. 02-06-2017, 09:12 AM
    Robert,i know this.Thank you.
    My best it 520 000(MARP) and my friend from the same town recorded 671 000. But it's not over yet ....:-)
  4. 02-06-2017, 09:18 AM
    oh yes :) its very good game... anybody can beat my score ? :-D
  5. 02-06-2017, 09:22 AM
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