H1Z1 - Question on "Fastest Win" Variation

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  1. H1Z1 - Question on "Fastest Win" Variation

    02-20-2017, 06:36 AM
    I just finished viewing a submission on a variation of the title where the goal is how quickly you win the Battle Royale. It's actually the polar opposite of the variation for highest number of kills in one respect.

    My thoughts, and I should stress that I am not an FPS-player nor have I ever played the title.

    -> Fastest Victory is tracked regardless of the number of participants or with respect to how many you killed as Last Man Standing

    -> There is no quantification possible of how many participants are experts-vs-n0Obs...in theory it helps you (as the winner) to have a number of experts playing to help "thin the herd" in the fastest time possible

    -> I don't know the constraints of the game in terms of minimum/maximum participation, but would it make sense to have this record sub-divided into variations based on the number of participants ? In other words, suppose for sake of argument that the minimum instance is 120 and the maximum is 240...would it make more sense to track, arbitrarily speaking, one record for 120-149 participants, another for 150-180, another for 181-210 and another for 211-240, in that scenario ?

    This does not factor in the level of skillset on the field, of course, and this is just for sake of open discussion.

    As for the average level of skill on the field...it is hard to base this assessment entirely on "Level", but there is no other benchmark available at least that I know of.

    It would be interesting to know, for example, that if you are Last Man Standing out of a field of 180 participants...you being level 85, for sake of argument...imagine winning and the final proclamation indicates that the total level of all participants was 1875...effectively 179 opponents averaging Level 10, and then yourself at Level 85.

    Again, I'm not an FPS-player nor have I played the title...I'm just wondering about the dynamics of the record from a strictly referee PoV.

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